Lip Injections and Fillers in Langley BC – Professional Langley Botox

Lip Injections and Fillers in Langley BC - Professional Langley Botox

What are Lip Injections and Fillers?

Lip injections and fillers are a way to improve the look of your lips without surgery or other more invasive treatments. Most lip fillers consist of synthetic hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally in your body. There are many different brands of synthetic hyaluronic acid, the best known one is Botox. 

These injections and fillers can be done by a trained medical professional and can be done in an office in less than ten minutes. You can research to find a professional that can help you to do this and one that can help is TNT Langley BC, they are professionals and know what they are doing. They can get you in to have this done, you will just need to make an appointment. 

There are many reasons that people might want to get lip injections and fillers and listed below are a few of them.

Lip Injections and Fillers in Langley BC - Professional Langley Botox

  • It is safe – If you are working with someone who is an experienced professional, lip injections and fillers are completely safe if you are over twenty-one. This is done about three million times a year by qualified professionals. You can be assured that you will not be harmed by this procedure that has a high success rate. 
  • It is Virtually Painless – While there is always a little bit of pain because of the needles, the procedure is fairly painless. Most people who have had this done report that there was no pain involved. Since it is virtually painless, it is something that anyone can do. 
  • It Only Takes About Ten Minutes – You can have this done over your lunchbreak, depending on how many injections that you need. Most procedures can be done in as little as ten minutes. The longest this should take is about twenty minutes allowing you to return to normal activities in no time at all. 
  • There is No Downtime – You can go back to work immediately after the procedure because there is no downtime required. You can resume your normal activities soon after you have the procedure done. You can resume your activities in as little as ten minutes. 
  • It Can Last as Long as Fifteen Months – Instead of using drug store creams and fillers, you can have this done and then forget about it for twelve to fifteen months. This can save you money in the long run by not using a cream that you must apply every day.
  • High Satisfaction Rate – Most people that have had this procedure done have been completely satisfied, only five per cent of people have had a negative experience. The negative experiences usually came from people who were not trained, experienced professional doing the procedure.
  • Lip Injections and Fillers in Langley BC - Professional Langley Botox
  • Helps You Look Younger – People who have had this procedure done look younger over time. In studies with twins, in which one twin had the procedure done and the other did not, the twin that had the procedure done looked younger over time. Everyone wants to look younger, so this is a positive effect of the procedure. 
  • It is Non-Invasive – There is no surgery involved and this is totally non-invasive making it an easy procedure to have done. 
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There are many reasons to have lip filler and injections done but the best one is because it will help you to feel better about the way you look. You will be comfortable having it done because it only takes a few minutes and there is minimal pain involved. There is no surgery

Lip Injections and Fillers in Langley BC - Professional Langley Botox

involved so will you be out the door and back to normal activities in no time. 

Lip fillers add volume to your lips and make them look fuller helping to make you look younger. Lip fillers void the loss of volume in your lips due to smoking, genetics, or sun damage. It is an FDA approved procedure if you are over the age of twenty-one. 

Before this is done, you will talk with a trained professional and you will be asked a series of questions: Why do you want the lip fillers? What are your expectations? Do you think a lot about the imperfections, real or imagined, in your body? Is someone encouraging you to have this done? 

The health professional will also take other things into account, such as your overall health, preexisting medical issues, and other risk factors. You will also be asked about the medication, both prescribed and over the counter that you take. You will also need to tell the professional if you have any allergies. 

During the procedure, your provider will numb your lips with a topical anesthetic. Your health professional wants you to be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. They will use a combination of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine and your lips will be numb in under thirty minutes. You can learn more about this numbing procedure if you do a little research.

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Your provider will then use a thin needle to inject the filler into your lips. They can inject it into parts of your lips or all your lips, depending on the affect you want to achieve. You probably will not feel any pain, but you might feel a sensation of pinching and you may have watery eyes. The provider will then inject about a milliliter of filler into your lips and will not go deeper than two and a half millimeters into your lips. 

As said above, the procedure will not take longer that twenty minutes and can take as little as five minutes. You will be able to return to work shortly afterwards and can continue normal activities. You will enjoy the look of your lips after this procedure is done by a trained professional. 


Lip injections and fillers can be done in a short amount of time in your doctor’s office. A trained professional can have this done in just a few moments and you can return to your normal activities because there is no surgery involved. There is very little pain involved because your lips will be numbed and the needle is very small.


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