LOL Esports A Quick Tour from the Inside Story Of IT

LOL Esports

The Most Popular LOL Esports :- 

LOL Esports is one of the most popular games in the E-sport world besides Dota 2 and Starcraft. It grew out players interest who wanted to play competitively or play with friends. This interest evolved into something called Esport by fans because it’s simply a sport played by people in front of their computers. Therefore it is a sport for gamers, made by gamers.

League of Legends became the fastest-growing Esport in history, with over 32 million unique players logging into monthly and playing 12 million matches every day. With that many people playing, someone will be interested in watching others try and understand the game better. This is where Riot Games’ LCS official stream comes in. LCS is the official stream that offers live coverage of League Championship Series (LCS) games, with professional players participating in each match. The viewers range from people who want to chill and watch some LOL Esports to people looking for their next favorite team/player they can bandwagon on to. There are also events held outside of LCS which are not streamed, but often these events and tournaments are the proving grounds for players to show they have what it takes to play at a high level.

The people watching these streams range from new players that want to learn more about the game, players who like to interact with their favorite streamers, and of course, fans looking forward to the next big streamer/team.

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What are the main view points of LOL Esports?

League of Legends Esports has three main views: First-person, top-down, or a bird’s view. All these views have a team assigned to them that commentates on what happens during the match. The first-person view is from the player’s perspective(duh). It’s a much more personal view of the game in comparison to the top-down because in a top-down, you see a bunch of characters in lanes pushing towers. There is no explanation given for what is going on, and it can be confusing not knowing exactly what’s happening, but this is where the team assigned to the first person comes in. They explain whats happening, what the teams objective is and at times even predict what will happen next which makes it easier to understand how the game progresses. During LOL Esports LCS 2015 summer split, there was only one first-person view, with one team assigned to commentate on that specific game. However Riot switched this up for worlds 2015 where instead of one first person, there were two allowing for more to be seen.

The top-down view is the way most people(that aren’t familiar with League) watch because it feels like watching a game of Warcraft 3 or Dota 2. Different camera angles can be used which gives the viewer an idea of whats happening around them. You can’t understand whats happening unless you know the game but it still gives you a good idea of whats going on.

The final view is the birds eye view which shows each player and their movements along with what they are doing on their respective computers. Each champion has an assigned color and flashing over your head lets you know when the player dies and when they level up. This is a personal favorite of mine esports because you can see how the player takes down an opposing champion and on what difficulty it was.

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The producers of the LCS have done a fantastic job at showing each struggle, victory and defeat with their coverage of LOL Esports. Even it has only been around for a few years and has already taken the world by storm.


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