Luxurious and Elegant Cartier Santos de Cartier Watches

Luxurious and Elegant Cartier Santos

Intellect is one power that Alberto Cartier Santos Dumont—a genuine legend—has shown being the aviation pioneer of Brazil and having a place with a first-class club of men who changed the planet with their strength astuteness. He was also one of those elite club men who showed that knowledge and will is elegance.

A Shift of Popularity: How Did It Become Famous?

In 1900, Alberto Santos developed significant ties with Louis Cartier, a French watchmaker known for his intense passion for watchmaking. Dumont—complaining about his frustration using pocket watches during flights—gave Cartier the idea of changing the traditional watchmaking by transforming his observations as the absolute first reason planned Santos de Cartier for his companion.

After four years since their friendship started, Louis Cartier offered Alberto Santos Dumont a gift that resembles Santos’ aspirations and manifestations in his culture; the advanced, moderate excellence of the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch was indeed a genuine wonder. This present, according to watchmaking enthusiasts and professionals, is the first wristwatch ever made.

Moreover, the watch’s class is very recognizable with modern concepts and minimalist design ideas. Fast forward to a decade, the reputation of great visual aesthetics of Cartier Santos de Cartier watches continues to stand out. Even after years, it remains to be the most appealing and well-demanded dress sports watch. 

Furthermore, Cartier derived Cartier Santos de Cartier’s case ideas from a pocket watch, which he had made. Yet, the too simple to peruse dial is a move away from the brand’s then-flavored style to an inside and out more tasteful, and deco propelled quality that would proceed to overwhelm the coming years.

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Cartier Santos de Cartier Watches’ Features and Specifications

The watch’s characterizing highlight is unquestionably the adjusted square case, which, as expected, is strong yet fabulous-looking, with a couple of upscale gestures to that renowned Parisian milestone, the Eiffel Tower. 

While the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch may have been an athletic exhibition piece initially prevalent among sportspeople, the notorious model exceptionally before long turned into a fetishized thing of extravagance. It became a luxury, especially for the elites—billionaires and famous people. 

Thus, aside from being merely expensive watches, it has started to symbolize social status and social classes; it turned into a real superficial point of interest for the majority. This label seemed to be a decision of the worldwide tip-top, including rockstars and tycoons—the famous people. 

More about its history

Cartier chose the watch as its marquee offering in the prospering extravagance athletic area in the 1970s, contending with the enormous three Swiss Maisons for head honcho status. Before long, Cartier Santos de Cartier did wristband expansion, modernizing the exemplary watch through steel and gold makeovers. 

Moreover, it became Cartier’s best tip-top watch, seen to be decorated on the wrists of the most affluent people of the century. Indeed, an extravagant sports watch—a thing relatively revolutionary. Soon after, the arrival of an additional massive variant of the watch known as ‘the 100’ flaunted a noon finish with an extraordinary unembellished span of Roman numerals.

Cartier Santos de Cartier incorporates a few present-day sapphire gem guards to the dials and an elegant broadened bezel. These remain consistent with their legacy features: a classic look with modernized yet straightforward designs. It guarantees that its quality did not change, making it possible to continuously stand-out even after surpassing a century. 

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Takeaway of Cartier Santos

Cartier Santos de Cartier watches are one of those that, even until now, have retained their reputation because of excellent quality. Though these watches‘ price watches’ price is a bit high, the class and elegance it gives through the designs are hard to equal. 


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