Make hassle-free perfect bedding with the fitted sheet

Make hassle-free perfect bedding with the fitted sheet

Everyone loves sleeping, but what about making the bed? Making a bed is one of those tasks that people usually avoid because they think that it is a tough task. A properly made bed can create a beautiful and tidy bedroom. There are many sizes when it comes to beds, which include single, double, small double, queen size, queen size, and super king-size beds.  

Among all types, king-size beds are commonly used because king-size beds are luxurious; they provide more space for relaxing. King size bed has enough space to share with your partner or pets. Now when you are sharing space with your partner or pet, it should be soft and comfortable enough to welcome them. To make the perfect bedding for your king-size bed, it is advisable to use the king size fitted sheet along with a soft & high-quality top sheet. 

Some people think that it is difficult to create bedding when you are using the fitted sheet. In this article, we are going to provide you a complete guide so that you can create perfectly inviting bedding with a king-size fitted sheet.

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The very step is to remove the old and dirty bed linens and prepare your bed.  Grab all the accessories, You’ll need a fitted sheet, a top sheet, mattress pad, blanket, pillows, & cushions for making the bedding. You can go for the bold and retro or the neutral and minimalist look.

We will begin bedding with the mattress pads, add a mattress pad over your mattress. Make sure that the pad is the same in size as that of the mattress. This pad will add an extra layer to the mattress and make it more comfortable. Although you cannot see it, the difference feels reals when you lay on your bed.

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After adding the pad, it is time to add the fitted sheet. Balance the pad and the mattress and put on the fitted sheets. It will cover the mattress and the pad and fit tightly to them. To put on the fitted sheet, look for the tag in one of the corners of the fitted sheet. Place this tag in the left bottom side of the mattress and then spread the left of the fitted sheet all over the mattress. Pull the elastic from the corners of the fitted sheet down & tuck the corners carefully and hand press the sheet to remove the wrinkles.


Now, put on the top sheet. If you have the printed top sheet, then it should face upside down. Lay the sheet uniformly over the fitted sheet and drape it equally on both sides. Tuck the sheet from both the head side and feet, side under the mattress, and fold it as nicely as possible to create a uniform and crease-free look.


Add the blanket on the top of your bedding sheet and fold it from the head side at a distance of 12 to 15 inches from pillows. Fold the blankets upside down and create a uniform and smooth layer. You can tuck the blanket like the top sheet as well.  After you have placed the blanket, its time to add the topper. You can go for a duvet, comforter, or the bedspread for this. Lay the topper evenly over the blanket and drape it from all sides. Fold the topper a few inches from the head side.

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Now its time to toss a few pillows and bed cushions to add fluffiness to your bed. Place the pillows on the head side in the form of a row. Place the large pillows first, then place the small-sized pillows in front of the large pillows and finally place a beautiful small heart or square cushion in the center of the small pillows.

You can get up to three to four layers of pillows as per your need but do not overdo them. Style your pillows with care for the best & appropriately made bedding.


You can spice up the styling by placing a beautifully folded throw. It is not necessary to add the throw, but if you have one, do not feel hesitate and add it.


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