Marilyn Monroe statue is now vacationing to Palm Springs


Marilyn Monroe’s statue is returning home after a long time, confirms one of the council members. The famous actress, model and singer from America in the 1950s had this wonderful statue of hers built.

The statue was built by taking an inspiration from her picture which was clicked by Bruno Bernard. The picture dates back to 1955 during the filming of her then movie, ‘The Seven Year Itch’.

J.R. Roberts, the council members have confirmed the news of shifting her statue back to the Palm Springs. He also said that they were looking for the appropriate venue, date and time for shifting the Forever Monroe statue to the Palm Springs.

Marilyn Monroe statue is now vacationing to Palm Springs
Marilyn Monroe statue is now vacationing to Palm Springs

Actually, Palm Springs has a meaning to it. It is said that Marilyn Monroe was discovered at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs by Johnny Hyde in 1949. Marilyn, later on, went to change people’s attitude and perception towards sexuality which was a huge task in the old days.

Marilyn never really left the place as she continued to spend her 50s and 60s around Palm Springs with her husband, Joe DiMaggio. She was born in 1926 and ended up dying in 1962 at the age of 36. Her death itself was controversy due to the poison found in her body.

Her statue was made and unveiled in the year of 2011 in Chicago. The following year, the Monroe statue was shifted to Palm Springs where movie screenings, concert, the celebration of her birthday and other event took place. It was an attractive tourist spot.


The statue was shifted to the city of Hamilton in New Jersey in 2014. Lastly, it was spotted in Australia and Stamford, Connecticut.

The 26 foot high and 36, 300 pounds of the metal painted statue will be shifted back to Palm Springs, where Marilyn lived after finding a perfect spot.


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