Mark Wahlberg’s Grotto’s $500,000 Makeover for Flip It Like Disick: here’s the Results!


Contemporary is often contemplated cool, but then how many people can say their backyard is a palace to find water park-sized grotto that was formerly relished by Mark Wahlberg’s inner circle? Um, not many we believe.

The Beverly Hills property whose hillside terrain and impressive luxuries set the stage for HBO’s Entourage palace wasn’t quite willing for possession by the end of Sunday’s new Flip-It Like Disick.

However, it was well on it. After Scott Disick and big-league developer Ilan Sharone labored their construction enchantment on the $12.4 million equity’s Playboy Mansion-like grotto, the area was at least a few steps ahead to market-ready.

Mark Wahlberg's Grotto's $500,000 Makeover for Flip It Like Disick: here's the Results!
Mark Wahlberg’s Grotto’s $500,000 Makeover for Flip It Like Disick: here’s the Results!

For what it costs that is, $500,000, *gasp* the outdoor mini-makeover didn’t break the bank, either.

But, in what’s beginning to sound like business as usual for real property folks, it appeared like there was no way the grotto refurbishment was going to happen until it actually did.

The remarkable final product trailed a prolonged discussion between Scott and his new partner about if the rocky watering hole was worth reworking at all.

About the outdoor living space, Scott originally voted to decline the grotto completely and asserted that renovating it with a rectangular infinity pool that had “smooth, modern sharp edges” and according to him the right way to go, without any speculations. But a ballpark allotment from “pool specialist” Simon and extra pushback from Ilan exhorted him to examine further alternatives.

“This grotto, it’s enormous,” the consultant noted, further explaining that it would cost them around $100,000 “just to demo it.”

Renovating the space in the image that Scott has opted for, would probably require for almost a full $1 million, Simon proceeded that figure didn’t adhere to for his absolute plan to discard the grotto completely and build an infinity pool in it place placing out over the estate’s “monster view” of Los Angeles


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