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Marvel superheroes make a great time together. But, more than a team, they generate a high-end entertaining action and adventure film on the silver screen. While counting Marvel movies in order, up until now, there are a total of 24 Marvel movies, including the Avenger film series (that casts all the superheroes against Thanos). Hence, for its 25th film, Marvel The Eternals is ready to strike the audience. To begin with, Marvel’s “Eternals” is also an existing comic series written by Jack Kirby, officially known as Jacob Kurtzberg in 1976.

Cast of Marvel's Eternals
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For the most part, the Eternals include several American superheroes. To name a few, the list includes Ikaris, Ajak, Domo, Sers, Thena, Zuras, Pixie, El Vampiro, and Titanis. But, for the fan-following of Avengers, there is no Thor, hulk, or captain America in Marvel The Eternals forthcoming movie. So, are you ready for some juicy details about “The Eternals?” let’s take a glimpse:

When is “The Eternals” by Marvel Studios coming out?

According to upcoming Marvel movies in order, before the release of “Eternals” marvel studios is pushing the release of “Black Widow” in 2020. Hence, the release date of Eternals is set to be 12 February 2021. Hence, for the fans’ information, the respective marvel’s movie, Eternals was set for its release in late 2020. But, COVID-19 has caused a countable delay in the launch of the movie’s first look. But, the good news is three back-to-back marvel movies are forthcoming:

  1. Black Widow 2020
  2. Eternals 2021
  3. Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings
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Are you ready for the first look at Marvel The Eternals? Check out this Marvel the Eternals’s leaked trailer:

Review this outstanding first look in the comment section and guess who are all in the cast of Marvel the Eternals?

Marvel’s Eternals Cast Details:

CastCharacterCharacter Details
Richard MaddenIkarisAn Eternal with powers beyond thinking
Gemma ChanSersiAn Eternal with a loving side for humankind
Kumail NanjianiKingo Sunen Kingo is a Samurai and a swordsman as well
Lauren RidloffMakkariSuperfast Eternal, Makkari is the son of Verona and Mara. He also has a bit of a comic role. 
Brian Tyree HenryPhastosPhastos is an inventor. Plus, he is also the first-ever Gay superhero/Enternals in the history of Marvel Comic Universe
Salma HayekAjakThe Leader of Eternals
Lia McHughSpriteYoungest Eternal
Don LeeGilgameshAn Eternal from the ancient Mesopotamian Mythology
Barry KeoghanDruigAn Eternal and also the ruler of Vorozheika
Angelina JolieThenaA warrior
Kit HaringtonDane WhitmanMystical sword owner
Haaz SleimanNAPhastos’s Husband


What is Marvel’s “Eternals” plot?

To the reader’s surprise, Marvel’s “Eternals” brings a whole new concept to the table. It is very different from the storylines of the Avengers film series. Before we go ahead and know what is the movie plot? The question remains, how were Eternals born or come to earth? Well! Here are some Spoiler Alerts for you!!!

How were ETERNALS born?

The wake of Eternals goes back to a million years ago when Celestials visited Earth. So, With hidden objectives, Celestials performed genetic experiments with archaic humans on Earth. Thus, it leads to the start of diverse races on Earth. These races included Eternals, Deviants, and genetically unstable. 

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From then and that, Eternals and Deviants come against each other to prevent humanity on Earth. To summarize, the plot of “Eternals” revolves around Deviants wanting to redo genetic experiments with humans on Earth. But, since Eternals are the ones that hold Humanity by their side, they desire to protect their human families


Marvel movies Eternals
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But, there are other twists as well. For instance, 18 billion years later, Celestials are coming back to Earth. Deviants and Eternals attack Celestials. But, their power is beyond imagination.

In conclusion, the upcoming Marvel’s Eternals will bring a lot of entertainment, action, and adventure. Not only this, but it will also connect the fan-following of Marvels to the long-forgotten superheroes. Aka Eternals who had come before Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and others.


Hence, if you are a big fan of Marvel’s, check out Marvel movies in order. Also, here’s a treat for you. Marvel is also bringing “She-Hulk” original action tv-series for the first time ever in collaboration with Disney plus. So, are you ready for all the upcoming adventures in 2020 and 2021? If yes! Write to us, which is your favorite marvel movie in the comment section!




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