Michelin-Star Chef Vikas Khanna Spreads Message of Unity and Gratitude

Michelin-star chef vikas khanna

Eid is a festival of happiness and in these unfortunate times, Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna brought a smile to around 2 lakh people. It was the biggest Eid celebration of all times when the chef declared that he has taken the initiative to feed as many people as he can on this day. Besides, more than 6-Million dry meals have been distributed from the chef’s kitchen as well. The meals have catered to people from as many as 125 Indian cities, and the work is still on. Today, they have set up a massive Eid feast in Mumbai in which they will distribute more than 1,00,000 kilograms of dry food. It includes dry and fresh fruits, juices, sugar, coffee, tea, spices, oils, sugar, utensils, seviyan, and more.

The feast will start after people finish their prayers in the Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai. The chef has also taken the initiative to serve migrant workers with small packages that contain dry ration. He says that being able to serve people amidst the COVID-19 crisis is the best part of his entire career. He has taken the help of the National Relief Force and successfully distributed packages in the Dharavi, Mahim Dargah, and Mohammad Ali Road area of Mumbai. His chain also makes sure that they are supplying ration to orphanages, leprosy centers, and old-age homes across the country. The best part is that Chef Vikas Khanna, despite living in New York constantly coordinates with his associates in India to make sure that the work is being done properly.

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In the words of the Michelin-star chef

The celebrity chef says that Eid symbolizes gratitude. He adds that he wants to express his gratitude and solidarity by standing beside people. These people have recently gone through such hard times. In an interview with IANSlife, he says that each Indian is like a backbone of the country. So, he wants to serve each one who needs help. Khanna also adds that this initiative is by far the biggest highlight of his entire career.

On being asked how he planned the event, he said that he did not make any plans. He adds that people do not have to make plans because the universe does it for us. According to Vikas Khanna, being able to supply ration in so many cities has allowed him to connect with several people on the ground level.

They started slow, and continued to make connections and finally a supply chain is formed as we find now. He says that delivering ration amidst the lockdown is like a challenge every day. However, every challenge brings a small victory that in turn keeps them motivated. Khanna adds that there have been times when he and his team have felt like giving up. Then, it was some positive force, and the willingness to help people in need has pushed them further. Well we wish the chef all the best for his future initiatives!


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