Microsoft’s Newly Designed Laptops to face Firmware

Microsoft's Newly Designed Laptops to face Firmware-Based Attacks
Microsoft's Newly Designed Laptops to face Firmware-Based Attacks

Microsoft is teaming up with Windows device makers to tighten firmware security in a new initiative known as Secure-Core PCs, that area unit engineered to defend against firmware-level attacks.

The announcement came as attackers take the greater aim at firmware, the level of software that is closest to the hardware and controls the functions of devices and systems.

Firmware is making a serious target because it has a higher level of access and privilege than the operating system kernel and hypervisor.

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The National Vulnerabilities Database reports 414 firmware bugs had reported in 2019, compared with 476 in 2018, 401 in 2017, and seven in 2016.

Microsoft's Newly Designed Laptops to face Firmware-Based Attacks
Microsoft’s Newly Designed Laptops to face Firmware-Based Attacks

“Firmware is a special software running on the device,” says David Weston, partner director of OS security at Microsoft.

“You will essentially do something.” as a result of the computer code is not centrally updated, he continues, it’s more likely to be outdated and the possibility of being attacked.

Firmware attacks will weaken security functionalities like Windows’ Secure Boot; as a result of several terminus detection and response (EDR) tools have restricted visibility at the computer code level, it’s easier for attackers to slip past them.

If the computer code is assumed broken, the safety of the total machine is doubtless in danger.

New security needs in Secured-Core PCs area unit supposed to assist users to boot firmly, defend devices from computer code flaws, and forestall unauthorized access to devices and information.

Secured-Core PCs take away the requirement to trust computer code as a part of the bootup method.

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The extra layer of security can arrive in new Windows ten devices, beginning with the Surface professional X. Other devices can follow from the holler, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Dynabook.

Most of the Secured-Core devices launching area unit laptops say, Weston, with the Surface Pro X.

While anyone purchases a Secured-Core laptop a sticker can inform them whether it meets the safety needs or not – Edward Weston notes this area unit specifically designed for those that work in verticals like government or monetary services, where sensitive information is often targeted.


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