Mobile app can help manage uncontrolled asthma


Stockholm, Sep 3 A mobile app can help manage uncontrolled asthma by measuring lung function and giving feedback in the form of automated and doctor-prescribed treatment recommendations, say researchers.

People littered with uncontrolled respiratory disorder respiratory disease, respiratory illness, respiratory disorder oftentimes expertise respiration difficulties or asthma attacks and inadequate management and/or incorrect use of medicines square measure common causes of this case.

A study by researchers at Karolinska Institute found that a treatment adjustment algorithmic program supported respiratory organ perform and symptoms in a very portable will be an economical tool in managing uncontrolled asthma.


To calculate the fuss-free mensuration of respiratory organs perform, they used the phone connects to a wireless spirometer and the app can register respiratory symptoms and provide visual feedback on treatment, said researchers in a paper published in the European Respiratory Journal.

“The system called ”AsthmaTuner” analyses lung function and symptoms in accordance with asthma-care guidelines,” said Bjorn Nordlund, research group leader at Karolinska Institute.

“The users additionally receive an image of the inhalator that’s to be used and directions on whether or not the medication is to be maintained, increased or decreased,” Nordlund added.

AsthmaTuner enables the measuring of lung function via a wireless spirometer connected to a mobile telephone app.

The study comprised seventy-seven uncontrolled respiratory disease sufferers aged six upwards. Around half of these were children and adolescents. “The system analyses lung function symptoms in accordance with asthma-care guidelines,” he explains.

It then provides feedback within the style of machine-controlled, doctor-prescribed, treatment recommendation. Users also receive a picture of the inhaler that is to be used and on instructions on whether the medication is to be maintained, increased or decreased.

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“We may see that respiratory disease symptoms improved a lot of with the digital tool than they did with ancient care. Adult patients who used the tool at least once a week also more often remembered to take their medicines,” said Nordlund.


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