Mustangs searching for a bounce back from Lock after clunker


How does a line lock work?

The basic interpretation is that a line lock works by locking the front brake while allowing the rear wheels to spin freely.

By locking the front brake, you can safely do a burnout while keeping it in one place in your Mustang. This is great for heating the tires in the burnout box before going under the drag strip.

To install in Mustangs with Hurst Line Lock or any other aftermarket line lock, a device is controlled by a button that allows the front and rear brakes to be individually controlled.

When the button is pressed, an electric solenoid that controls the valve will allow the rear brake to remain open and the front brake to remain locked.

The same ideology applies to the new 2015+ Mustang GTS, except for the factory-locked brake system (ABS). Since ABS has been used in vehicles, it has the ability to fully lock any wheel at any time to manage braking under skidding conditions. This is not a new thing.

Mustangs searching for a bounce back from Lock after clunker
Mustangs searching for a bounce back from Lock after clunker

However, you can use the ABS module through computer-controlled programs, track apps, to simply lock the front wheel for burnout or brake stands. you can find more information regarding the nakamoto brakes too.

This was a genius move from Ford as it did not require any additional hardware to be installed, just proper programming and enough lawyers to fix it.

Using the line lock on the 2015-2018 Mustang GT

The only major difference in the 2015-2018 Mustang GTS using the line lock is whether you have a 2018 Mustang equipped with an optional 12 ”LCD instrument cluster. Regardless, the step-by-step process is relatively similar across the board.

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First of all, make sure you are not on the public route. We all know that burnout is for track usage only, so a warning when you enter the track apps screen in the centre screen of your gauge cluster.

Once you are in the track apps, do your work on the line lock function and you will see a bar with an arrow on either side.

How to use Mustang Line Lock:

1. Prompt: “Hold OK to Start” – Press and hold the “OK” button on the steering wheel until the bar is fully filled. It would say “initial perfection”.

2. Prompt: “To engage, apply a brake and hold firmly” – press the brake pedal vigorously and hold it until the screen changes to a 15-second timer.

3. Speedy: “Press OK to Start” – Now you’re ready to roast tires! Mustang Line Lock Step Three.

4. Press OK again on the steering wheel. You will then hear a noise and see the traction control light. Once you start your burnout, it will take you up to 15 seconds to heat your tires before your drag run! Mustang Line Lock Step Four

5. Once the session completes (or you push “OK”), the system will disintegrate and the normal vehicle function will resume. Mustang Line Lock Step Five


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