New Fendi Prints On Capsule Collection Revealed by Nicki Minaj


If you are aware of who Nicki Minaj is, then you surely know that she has this tendency to rock every red carpet she attends.

Being the former Teen Vogue cover star, this sensation is not afraid of showcasing bold colors and fashion choices.

But why Nicki Minaj suddenly? Because its the perfect fashion time for those who have enjoyed her OOTD for a long time and are looking forward to seeing some more! Oh yes!!! This beautiful and fashionable opportunity has been provided by Fendi!

Nicki Minaj has launched her capsule collection with Fendi which makes it easy for her fans to try out her DIY fashion segment!

New Fendi Prints On Capsule Collection Revealed by Nicki Minaj
New Fendi Prints On Capsule Collection Revealed by Nicki Minaj

Its time to make some room in your closet since Fendi’s On x collection by Nicki Minaj is soon going to hit the shelves! The fashion house has joined hands with Nicki and in launching a capsule collection of shoes, sunglasses, purses and of course, clothing!

Recently, in a press release, Fendi declared the items that are to go on the collection. These include tees, tracksuits in our favorite silver, blue and pink funky dresses along with other sassy items that are to go on the designer line.

These handpicked styles will be made available in various styles, colors, sizes, and the best part, they are available for children too!

Teamed with the immensely talented Fendi’s dream designer team, artist Silvia Venturini Fendi has been able to bring forth a collection that heavily reflects Nicki Minaj’s flamboyance and her bold color choices.

The brand also announced that along with the styling details and glam, that the new collection entails, the brand logo will be seen on the various designer items.

Before the launch of this much-awaited collection, Nicki launched a teaser of animated image design on one of her clothing items and teamed it up with earrings for the capsule collection. Additionally, she posted a lot of sneak-peak of the collection on Instagram.

There is no need to say that we cannot wait for the launch of this collection! But thank God! It will be here pretty soon!




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