New Legendary Bounty in “Red Dead Online” : Sergio Vincenza

New Legendary Bounty in
New Legendary Bounty in "Red Dead Online" : Sergio Vincenza

A new Legendary Bounty anticipates you, Red Dead Online users.

This week in Red Dead Online you will be charged with taking down retired military sharpshooter Sergio Vincenza. Vincenza has been a very terrible boy.

He apparently strived to kill the Governor of Saint-Denis. Thankfully, he ceased to function. Still, that is enough to warrant giving rise to him to justice.

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Rumour has it he is hiding out in the fire building at Roanoke Ridge with his men – all of which are also retired-military. Be on the patrol for traps and explosives when striving to enter the area.

New Legendary Bounty in "Red Dead Online" : Sergio Vincenza
New Legendary Bounty in “Red Dead Online”: Sergio Vincenza

Also this week, the showcased survival match fraction of the Free Aim sequel is Name Your Weapon. Here you will play against in teams and Free-For-All variants. The harder the weapon you utilize, the more points you receive.

If you talk with Madam Nazar this week, she will chore you will discovering the Naturalists Collection. Receive some cash for finding and giving in the Cherrywood Comb, Egret Egg and Bitterweed.

Those in the demand for new threads can get up new limited-time requesting the Folwell and Dillehay Hats, the Prieto Poncho, Eberhart Coat, and the Morales Vest and Carver Pants. Just because you are riding the dusty range does not mean you cannot look good while doing it.

A five gold bar rebate is being given this weekend on the Bounty Hunter’s License, the Trader’s Butcher Table and Collector’s Satchel compelled for Frontier Pursuits until October 14.

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You can receive the license for free though if you relate your Social Club account with Twitch Prime. PlayStation Plus subscribers can still contend their free Butcher’s Table through October 14.

There is an incentive to play GTA Online this week as well. Beginning this Thursday with the GTA Online update, you can receive the Slaughter Mask for aim in Red Dead Online.

All you are required to do to unlock the veil is play GTA Online between October 10 and December 12.


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