New OnePlus TV full specs and details


The CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau has been irritating different aspects of the new and upcoming OnePlus TV off late. Last week, Lau posted a picture of the OnePlus TV remote, which showed a very Apple TV remote-like design with a subtle metal body and tiny and detailed features. Now, the CEO of OnePlus has posted one more image, which appears to show the rear of the OnePlus TV in a kevlar finish.

The OnePlus TV image that was shared by Lau this week is a little difficult to explain as it does not give us a full picture. What we can observe is that a part of the back in a smooth kevlar finish, which is something we have already observed on the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition earlier. There is a slight curve provided to the back and we do not see any ports or vents in that part. The back is supported by what looks like a metal-clad stand.

The stand appears like it will come attached along with the OnePlus TV, or it may be given separately as most other TV manufacturers do these days.

New OnePlus TV full specs and details

Lau is trying his best to highlight that the company is paying a lot of time to details when it arrives in designing the OnePlus TV by using exclusive materials. It is not only about giving away a 55-inch QLED display on the front, but how amazing and breathless the OnePlus TV appears from all sides.

OnePlus has made it crystal clear that the OnePlus TV will be in competition against the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG in the top-tier TV series. The company has been teasing, to that effect that some elite features about OnePlus TV, and we are expecting to observe more in the days further leading up to its launch in India.

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