New Shane Eagle and Nasty C’s Collaboration Song ‘PARIS’

New Shane Eagle and Nasty C’s Collaboration Song ‘PARIS’
New Shane Eagle and Nasty C’s Collaboration Song ‘PARIS’

Previously when Shane Eagle posted the tracklist for his new mixtape, one track that was common in many South African hip-hop fans’ observation was “PARIS.”

The song comes with Nasty C. Shane and Nasty are some of the country’s (and continent’s) very finest and potent lyricists.

A song by those two was always going to be an iconic event. “PARIS” is the brand new song to come out from Shane’s latest mixtape Dark Moon Flower.

New Shane Eagle and Nasty C’s Collaboration Song ‘PARIS’
New Shane Eagle and Nasty C’s Collaboration Song ‘PARIS’

And, the song hardly disappoints. Both emcees had prior knowledge that all the attention will be focused on them, and they rapped their lungs out.

Shane began the song, talking about his life-changing from all the success he has enjoyed in the last few years. He raps:

“I flew my mama to Paris/ She used to stay on the street/ I bought myself a new chain, it cost like 40 apiece/ I haven’t been home in a while, so I spent a crib on my teeth”

Nasty C is similar very outspoken in his verse, talking about loving his fans, but asking for his some time out to deal with his weed. An excerpt:

“Me and these rappers ain’t really friends/ I don’t be taking their calls/ I make ’em talk to the middle man, he won’t pass their message at all/ You know I got love for my real fans, but I’m cursing them off of my yard/ I can’t be signing an autograph, I got kush in my garage”

“PARIS” is another example of what a modified rap sounds like in the trap era. The song is essentially about rap and a beat, none of that fancy underlined tone or melodies ala Post Malone.

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“PARIS” is the latest song to come out from Dark Moon Flower. This comes after their hit “BLACK,” which the young emcee launched last week along with a few charming visuals. The mixtape will be released on October 16.

You can stream Paris on all major music platforms.


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