New Song ‘Way Too Pretty for Prison’ by Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris


New Song ‘Way Too Pretty for Prison’ by Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris

Just around midnight on August 26th, 2019, the latest duet by the superstars Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris dropped by. The duet is named, ‘Way Too Pretty For Prison.’

The song is somewhat comic if we go through the lyrics and tune. The song states that one wants to kill off their ex who has cheated on them.

Later they decide against it as the person is ‘Way Too Pretty For Prison,’ meaning that the prison life doesn’t suit them. They aren’t meant for the life behind the bars and they are way above it.

This collaboration is one of its kinds and it is quite interesting to the ears. Earlier Maren Morris had given a subtle hint about the collaboration with Miranda Lambert.


He stated that “We’re going on tour together later this fall, so maybe we’ll write a song together when we’re out.I mean, she’s such a great friend. And to be able to support her on the road this year, it’s going to be really fun for me. And I feel like I am going to learn a lot.”

The song is a devilish fantasy about killed the cheating ex-boyfriend. Miranda Lambert consoles a raged girlfriend who wants ultimate revenge from her boyfriend.

Miranda consoles her that obviously, that guy is at wrong and if she could then probably she would help her kill him off.

But later she stops are saying that she is too pretty for the prison meaning that she doesn’t deserve the prison being the gem of a person she is.

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Miranda Lambert is an American singer and songwriter who has been active since 2003 to the present.

Maren Morris is an American singer and songwriter just like Miranda Lambert, additionally being a record producer.

‘Way too pretty for prison,’ is a three and half minute song with its music video available on YouTube.


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