New Vantage PlayStation 4 controller Redesigned by Scuf in October


Scuf Gaming, innovator and producer of elite-performance gaming controls, inaugurates the SCUF Vantage 2 and the SCUF Vantage 2 Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® officially consented PlayStation 4 controllers, also synonymous with PC.

The SCUF Vantage 2 is an advancement of its game-changing predecessor, the vastly feature-rich controller built. Like all SCUF controllers, it totally redefines the way you utilize your hand and crosses the skill gap between buttons and keyboard and mouse.

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SCUF has moreover built on its groundbreaking creation to release the SCUF Vantage 2. It captions six customizable intakes (four back paddles, and two side-mounted effort – Sax — buttons).

New Vantage PlayStation 4 controller Redesigned by Scuf in October
New Vantage PlayStation 4 controller Redesigned by Scuf in October

Back functions have evolved as one of the key determining characteristics in competitive gaming and assists players to get more benefit out of their hands to fit the increasing complexity of today’s major popular games, encompassing battle royale titles.

With even nicer ergonomic clasp and upgraded elements, a new Customization Application, and enhanced firmware, the Vantage 2 acquires player performance to the second level.

Duncan Ironmonger who is the CEO Founder of Scuf Gaming said that like every innovative company, they at Scuf Gaming are hard-working toward something greater.

The actual Vantage was our major feature-rich and technologically developed controller prepared. The Vantage 2 has been constructed to finesse and enhance upon our first launch.

They looked at every component, every detail, and most importantly took acknowledgment from their professional players and customers to progress and refine this controller.

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The Vantage 2 comes prepared with additional newly created features comprising:

Improved High-Performance Grip
Upgraded trigger functions
PC Customization App for Windows
Improved button haptics
Refined tactile compositions in the faceplate, trigger, bumper, and Sax regulators
The advanced USB connection system
The Vantage 2 provides the same ergonomic contour and asymmetrical thumbstick composition as the real.

Broadening beyond functional advantages, the Vantage 2 is also accessible with a limited-edition Modern Warfare® method. Equipped with different customization items motivated by military equipment, it is a requirement for any Call of Duty® enthusiast.


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