Some extra juicy tidbits have been indicated about the upcoming Stardew Valley 1.4 update. Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley, has called 1.4 the ‘everything’ update because it is going to be touching every facet of the game.

We already realize the update will allow players to tinker in aquaculture with the new farmhouse, the fishing pond. But there are loads more in store for the Valley.

Finalizing the 1.4 updates has not been the smoothest road for Barone. It has been more of a problematic farm road, with the farmhouse just over the next hill, but never giving closer.

Barone recently disconnected ways with publisher Chucklefish over alleged unreasonable labor practices and he inferred sole control of publishing Stardew Valley on all strategies, except mobile.

As per Barone, part of the reason he needs to do it all himself is so he can be confident the game is exactly what he needs it to be.

And exactly what he believes fans want it to be. His committee is made of himself and one more person. So, two people. And that is it. Now you understand why it has taken so long for the deadest update to arrive.

Next Stardew Valley Free Update

What’s modern in the Valley?

One of the hugest gripes fans have with Stardew Valley is the absence of meaningful things to do once you get wedded and have kids. The 1.4 updates will expand some depth to post-marriage existence, which Barone hopes players will discover heartwarming.

He is also aware that there is always more that can be accomplished to create a better, more fulfilling endgame for Stardew Valley, much like the endgame of existence. It is aa healthy game.

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Update 1.4 will also give rise to a load of quality of life improvements constructed to make the game more useful and effortless to fiddle with.


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