Nicki Minaj Pays Tribute to “Juice WRLD” at Billboard Women in Music 2019


Last Thursday, Nicki Minaj paid commendation to Juice Wrld during one of the Music Event at Billboard’s Women.

Minaj, 37, called the late rapper a ‘kindred spirit’ during her award receiving speech for the game-changer award. “Looking back now, I wish if I could do something differently or said something to help.

He gave me details about his love for his girlfriend and about his passion for music. He was in the studio with me, he was quick in completing his work. His honesty and purity inspired me.”

Nicki Minaj Pays Tribute to "Juice WRLD" at Billboard Women in Music 2019
Nicki Minaj Pays Tribute to “Juice WRLD” at Billboard Women in Music 2019

She became quite nostalgic and remembered the times when the young rapper would help her calm down before her performances when they used to tour together.

She mentioned that when they walked on the stage, he would hold her hand. He would ask her to stay calm and pray for the good. She further added that he would say he is also trying to do the exact same thing. She was flabbergasted to listen to this from him out of every other person present there. She claimed that he actually made her feel calm.

Minaj, however, added that she is well-aware that this event is centered on the women in the music industry but she had to bring this up. She mentioned that the death of 21-years old rapper had touched her. According to her, the young rapper had made significant contributions to culture their culture.

The reason for the death of a 27-year old rapper is yet lined up even after an autopsy. He agonized to a medical emergency at Chicago’s Midway International Airport on Sunday.

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Putting some light on the case, Chicago police added that the city, state and federal agents looked into his luggage and found huge quantities of marijuana and liquid cocaine.


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