OH MY GIRL’s Jiho has halted her activities to focus on health issues.


An emergent announcement by WM Entertainment has apparently left fans of Oh My Girl all over the world in shock. Kim Ji-Ho better was known by her stage pseudonym as Jiho was provided a reprieve due to her seemingly deteriorating psychological anxiety condition. According to the official statement released by the entertainment company on the 13th of January this year, Kim had been making rounds of the hospital since the last half of the previous year. However, her condition instead of showing signs of improvement had been worsening and due to this very reason, the personnel deemed it appropriate to prioritize their star’s health above all else and grant her an abatement until full recovery.

OH MY GIRL’s Jiho has halted her activities to focus on health issues
OH MY GIRL’s Jiho has halted her activities to focus on health issues

The Oh My Girl star debuted with their first extended play and single “Cupid” in 2015 alongside co-stars Hyojung, MiMi, Yoon, Seunghee, Arin, Binnie, and Jena. Unfortunately, soon after their first solo concert in August 2016, Jena was given a hiatus due to severe symptoms of anorexia by the Lee Won-Min founded the company.
The year 2018 turned out to be a breakthrough for the troupe’s career with hits such as Secret Garden and Remember Me. The very next year, they debuted with a Commemoration Live Tour in Japan and their first Korean studio album “The Fifth Season”, which was followed by them being runners up in “Queendom” with their single Guerrilla.
Will OMG be the same without another one of their star vocals succumbing to physiological issues? Will Jiho exit the group like Jena?
No, it definitely won’t and we certainly hope not. WM Entertainment and fans all over the globe alike are wishing Kim a speedy recovery, praying that her hiatus be a short one. In the meantime, the company expects and urges fans to maintain their steady supply of love and support for OMG.

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