OneDrive for iOS update on groupings for shared files


The Microsoft OneDrive app for iOS updated today to Version 11.6. This latest app update added new grouping options when sharing files and also fixed a bug that was messing with sharing in the iOS Messages app, corrected a UI glitch, and improved the opening of PDF and Office files on iPads.

OneDrive has a new update for iOS that brings groupings to the shared view. This new feature will make it easier to manage files and documents shared through OneDrive.

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The update brings the application also comes with several bug fixes.

The app’s listing in the app store outlines all of the fixes that the update addresses below :

OneDrive for iOS update on groupings for shared files
OneDrive for iOS update on groupings for shared files
  1. The shared view got even better now with the new groupings for who shared documents to you and when they were shared. Getting back to your collaborative work is now a breeze when you can easily organize your shared view.

2. iOS 13 users who share OneDrive files via the Messages app may have noticed the app having a rough time. We sent it to OS school and it came back as a lean, mean, messaging machine.

3. Some iPad users were experiencing an unresponsive OneDrive when coming back to the app like black screen, app crashes, the works. This has been fixed and the app will now work as expected.

4. Users doing a very specific set of actions in a shared library would now see the top bar selfishly cover the Shared Library icon. Boundaries also have been restored for these components and this has been fixed.

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5. We’ve now fixed an issue with our multi-window experience on iPad that prevents some PDFs and Office files from being able to open in a new window. This has been fixed and now, all your PDFs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files should open successfully in a new window.

This update is relatively small in terms of new features but smoothens the performance of the OneDrive app on iOS.


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