OPPO”s second-gen Reno flagship in the works- Here’s the details

OPPO"s second-gen Reno flagship in the works- Here's the details

A new phone has been authorized by TENAA with much the same specifications as the OPPO Reno2 – except that it simply has a more potent processor. This new device, recognized only as of the PCLM10 for now, also has 12GB in RAM phrases. It maintains the same rear camera figures as the rest of its probable sequel.

The 2019 OPPO Reno sequel has generated some phones with remarkable camera specs, albeit with CPUs that are mid-range at adequate.

Now, it seems that the most bonus of the line may be on the way. A leak to this impact comes courtesy of the Chinese telecoms council TENAA. It has given aa recent phone from this OEM official authorization.

OPPO"s second-gen Reno flagship in the works- Here's the details
OPPO”s second-gen Reno flagship in the works- Here are the details

This gadget is termed the PCLM10 on the regulator’s site, whereas most pre occurring Reno2 variants have model quantities along the lines of PCKxxx.

This gadget is listed as possessing an SoC with a base clock of 2.96GHz, which almost really corresponds to the Snapdragon 855 Plus. By discrepancy, the Reno2 was inaugurated with the Snapdragon 730G processor, whereas the 2z and Z shipped with the MediaTek Helio P90.

TENAA also reports that this phone has aa solitary 12GB RAM/256GB storage SKU. It has a quad rear camera confirmation of 48+13+8+2MP, which is also establishing in the Reno2.

Therefore, the PCLM10 may be modifying up to be a phone of flagship-level specifications in the 2’s shark-finned chassis. They even share a 6.5-inch FHD AMOLED screen; nonetheless, the 2 is 9.5 millimeters (mm) thick, whereas the modern phone is listed at 0.8mm slimmer.

Accordingly, it is feasible that the newly certified OPPO smartphone is the Reno Ace, which, as the OEM itself has declared, will have a groundbreaking 65-watt charging criterion called SuperVOOC 2.0. On that remark, the TENAA listing puts the new device’s battery capacity at a sheer 1950mAh.


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