Our Top 4 Best Tools to Recover Your Lost Software


Whether we work online or not; It is normal that sometimes it happens to us that we accidentally delete data from our computer or computer (or even from memory or Pendrive) without realizing it. Perhaps due to an oversight we went to delete a set of files and ended up eliminating some (or some) of more, or due to a malfunction of our computer, we lost valuable and important information from our hard drive (or from any external drive).

Well, good news! I come to present a series of programs that will be very useful in the work of recovering said permanently deleted files. So here are our top 4:

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery

for any device, from Windows (including Windows 10), MAC, Android, and even iOS. It is very simple to handle, with a couple of clicks you do everything and it is quite intuitive. What I like most about this program are its search filters, it is something very useful and necessary.

When you try to get your files back with this type of Software, thousands of files from an uninstalled or several programs that you are not interested in recovering will appear, so you can mark the option of only recovering photos or videos, for example. Another of the most interesting features it has is the preview.

The other negative part of this type of programs to recover files is that files usually lose their name, so with the preview, you can see that it contained the file or what picture it was without having to open it, you gain a lot of time.

The process of scanning a hard disk, and more if you have one of 2 or 3 TB can be very, very long, EaseUs allows you to pause it whenever you want, yes, the free version only lets you get up to 2 GB of data, if you need to recover more, the paid version costs 70 dollars and you will no longer have that limitation. 70 dollars to recover all the photos of your son’s christening is very cheap.

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You can pause and save the scanning process. Many fill type filters.Preview files. Multi-platform.


You can only recover up to 2 GB in the free version.

  1. Disk Drill

This program to recover free files is one of my favorites, especially since I have known it for a long time since I usually work with Mac and Disk Drill was one of the first programs to see the light on OsX. Not long ago, it also works on Windows, including Windows 10 and does it really well.

It is a program to recover formatted files very interesting and that offers very good results if you have recently deleted the files you are looking for, as months have passed or information has been rewritten in the hard disk cluster, it does not work, and if you have defragmented the disk, forget about recovering the information, however, if you just formatted it if you are going to be able to recover practically everything.

You can analyze the disk in any moment in real-time and alerts you in case there is a problem. I mostly use it a lot for Mac, to clean the disk and free up space and to delete duplicate files and also to make backup copies If you work in OsX it is one of the essential applications, really useful.

– PROS Many file type filters.Preview files.Very good for Mac.

– CONS You can only recover up to 1 GB in the free version. It does not work on defragmented disks or in clusters where new information has been rewritten.

  1. Wise Data Recovery

especially for 2 very important things that you have: the first one is that from this list,



Recovery could be the fastest one to analyze the data and the second and most useful is not You need to install it on your hard drive, you can copy a file to a USB stick and run it from there. This is really useful so that the software installation does not overwrite the information you are looking for.

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Otherwise, this program to recover files from the hard disk, but like other programs won’t recover names of files.

The only thing I miss are filters, in your favor, I will say that in the “recoverability” column it indicates the degree of success you will have when recovering a file.

PROS Very fast in analyzing the hard disk.No installation required

CONS You can only recover up to 1 GB in the free version. Only available on Windows.

  1. Recuva portable is a freeware or free license program (that works in Windows environment) developed by the software company Piriform, and that allows the recovery of data or files that have been permanently deleted or deleted from your computer (or external drive). Yes, we are talking about that any file of any type, extension or program that you have lost or permanently deleted from your computer or external drive (provided it is not CDs or floppy disks), can be recovered through this program; that is, videos, photos, text files, music, etc.

Recuva acts looking for non-referenced data; however, if such data (those of the deleted file) were overwritten with new data by the operating system, then you will not be able to recover them in any way.


The graphic interface of Recuva is very intuitive and easy to understand and operate. Its appearance and handling are practical and functional. The program is available in several languages. It is lightweight software, easy to use and fast in execution. You can recover the files one by one or even in batches. It is free and has no advertising. Also a paid version (Professional Recuva).


Can only recover files that were recently deleted.

Do you know any other program that can recover lost files from formatted hard drive?


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