P.T. hack: a horror game that’s somehow even scarier than we previously thought


P.T., the “Playable Teaser” which is for a Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro-led Silent Hill which never was, is now the closest video games that have arrived to digitally recreating a bad dream.

From FPP, players stroll around the endlessly looping halls of an empty house to the voice of a crying baby, irritating radio station, and gurgled voices. Time after time, they may get a talking fetus in the sink of a bathroom or get shouted at by a menacing woman who is a ghost called Lisa.

Launched a little for over 5 years ago, P.T. has become infamous since then not because it is a teaser for a game that was canceled that can not even be downloaded anymore, but as it is packed with a lot of strange secrets. Even at present, it turns out that there is more, weirdly strange stuff to find in its code.

P.T. hack: a horror game that's somehow even scarier than we previously thought
P.T. hack: a horror game that’s somehow even scarier than we previously thought

This is made drastically clear in a Twitter thread by Lance McDonald, who went inside the game’s guts to figure that whenever the player is able to hear the sound of an invisible ghost, that ghost is literally flying right there behind them.

Because P.T.’s camera gives the player’s field of view, getting around to check out where Lisa’s voices are coming from shows nothing. Hacking the game so it is possible to see at the back without actually twisting around though, clearly shows that she is actually hanging to the player’s back from the time a key item is picked up in the game.

The summary of it is that Lisa, a ghost that looks like a corpse with empty black eyes, wanders the player for much of P.T., even if they cannot see her following their every step.

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It is an interesting decision technical as well as a complete fucking bad dream of discovery. You can see the way it works, which some or the other way makes Lisa even weirder by making the way her model shakes uncontrollably in an opposite static pose within the process.


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