Peso Pluma Net Worth, Relationships, Career and Facts

Peso Pluma Net Worth

The Mexican rising star Peso Pluma has made our hearts skip a beat. At the age of 24, he became a sensation, and with his music, created a revolution in the global music industry.  Fans are excited to have a deeper understanding of Peso Pluma net worth, life, and journey so far. So, here is all you need to know!

If you are one of them or are generally curious about the artist and how much is Peso Pluma net worth, this is detailed information that will help.

Name   Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija
Other Names  Peso Pluma, La Double P, PP, Double P
Profession Singer, Musician, Rapper
Genre  Regional Mexican, Latin Urban, Corrido Tumbado, Banda
 Music Latin Trap , Reggaeton , Sierreno
Instruments   Vocals, Guitar
Labels El Cartel de Los Angeles, Double P, Prajin, Worms
Age  24
DOB  15 June 1999
Years active  2020- present
Instagram Account @pesopluma
Twitter Account  @_PesoPluma
TikTok  Account   @therealpesopluma

Childhood and Early Life

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, popularly known as Peso Pluma, was born on 15 June 1999 in Zapopan‘s municipality, Mexico.

His mother’s relatives used to live in Badiraguato, a small city in Badiraguato Municipality in Sinaloa. Hussan’s parents were Mexico-born, whereas his father has Lebanese ancestry and was born in Chiapas.

None of his family members had a music background. Watching his parents work hard helped young Peso Pulma understand his work ethic. Also, he developed respect and appreciation for it.

At the age of 15,  Hussan started to play guitar. He used to watch videos on YouTube and learn about the skill from there. While doing this, he also started to do songwriting in his diary.

Because of this, he used to get mocked by his friends and peers. Talking about how he approached songwriting in his initial days,  at the start, he was taking it as his therapy.

However, as he started to write what he felt, he realized some words rhyming together. From there, he started practicing more and getting better as time progressed.

Early Life

Before Peso Pluma wanted to be a musician, he wanted to become an athlete, especially a soccer star. However, due to his physical limitations, he didn’t meet the criteria.

He switched his passion from becoming a soccer star to music. Peso Pluma has kept his private life away from the media and his fans.

Inspiration and Ariel Camacho

Peso had an interest in music genres like reggaeton and hip-hop. This led to his interest in wanting to be a rapper.  But he has a nasal and gravelly voice, which is unsuitable for the style.

However, the artist continued his search for music and style, continuing to write music in his journals and taking inspiration from it.

Peso Pluma is also inspired by Mexican musician and songwriter Ariel Camacho. He performed mostly in regional music and corridos. Also, he was a lead singer and guitarist of Ariel Camachi y Los Plebes del Rancho group. At 22,  Ariel died in a car accident, leaving an impact on the music industry and young Pluma.

Career and Breakthrough

Pluma continued his writing along with practicing more about the music for years. With his cousin Roberto, they released ‘Disco en Vivo’ on 21 February 2020 and ‘ Disco en Vivo Vol 2′ on 4 July.

This was their first two live albums that they published under El carte de los Angele, which is an independent label.  The collection also included performances around Jalisco.

Early Releases and Collaborations

On 20 April, Pluma debuted with his album ‘Ah y Qué?’. This album had 12 songs featured in collaboration with artists like Jorge Morales El Jilguero,  El Choforo, and  Lalo Reyes.

Apart from this, he also released his live recording with artist Decreto Real on his streaming platform. In this recording, they both were performing on ‘Relajado Voy.’ It was released as Pluma’s first single on 7 October.

On 13 November and 4 December, The artist released his two singles with Hector Rubio and Decreto Real. The first single was ‘Mil Historias’ and the second one was ‘El Pletter.’ After this, Pluma decided that he needed something new to work with.

Change In Body of Work And Switch

After  realizing that he needed a new body of work, he published ‘ ‘Efectos Secundarios’’  his second studio album on 19 March 2021.  It had two more singles, including Con Dinero Baila el Perro’  and ‘Lo Que Me Das,’ which was later made as a music video.

The artist starts to focus on making their sound better. He released ‘Por Las Noches,’ his single, on 11 June.  The song was a serrano track but in a slowed-down version. The theme was focused on unintended breakups.

He released his song ‘Todo Es Playa,’ about smoking marijuana. This was his last song with El Cartel de Los Ángeles. After this, he switched to a different label, Prajin Records, under George Pragin.

However, before that, he released the track ‘Spiral,’ which was focused on socio-political issues and marked his shift. It was released on 25 November.

Breakthrough in the Music Industry

Teaming up with Raul Vega on 4 February 2022,  releasing his single ‘El Belicón’ on local narcoculture. The song was the corrido anthem, a famous narrative of a metrical tale or poem in the form of a ballad.

Along with working on the production of this song, both played the roles of drug cartel members in a music video. It was directed by Barush. The work became an instant success and went viral among the locals.

It created its momentum after going viral on Instagram and TikTok. The music video gained 10 million views on YouTube within a month. On Spotify, the music received a lot of playlisting.

In April, Pluma’s El Belicon secured 50th rank on Billboard Hot Latin Songs. It was the artist’s first work that succeeded in entering the charts. After two weeks, it progressed to 46 rank.

Mainstream Success

His ‘AMG’ became one of the songs in the top 10 Mexico songs chart on 14 January 2023. It was his first hit that later rose to number 3 after a few weeks and placed on a major Spotify playlist.

Peso Pluma also collaborated with Cano and director Miguel and released ‘PRC,’ which gained 5.8 million US streams. It was about a gangster’s lady life. The music video was released directly on his official channel on YouTube.

It helped in gaining more than 10 million views within the first week. The first line of the song became viral on TikTok. It was also famous for Pluma’s dance in his music video.

Later, his song ‘ Ella Baila Sola’ debuted at number 1 in Mexico and Latin Streaming songs. During a performance at Coachella 2023, Becky G was surprised when she invited Pluma to perform together.

Pluma also released ‘Bye,’ his solo track, on 26 May, directed by Edger Nito.

Dating and Relationship

Peso Pluma is a renowned music artist. He became famous for his song ‘Ella Baila Sola’ which got into the Hot 100 Billboard charts.

Apart from fans being curious about how much is Peso Pluma net worth, his dating life is also in the headlines.

People are curious about their favorite star’s dating life. There were also rumors about Peso Pluma dating Cardy B. However, the artist prefers privacy, but there are some rumors about him going on. Such as :

Peso Pluma and Dania Mendez

Peso Pluma released a single on TikTok that hints there might be something going on with Liaison and Dania Mendez. In the posted video, he is shown on a beach in the Dominican Republic working on his upcoming music. The video quickly became popular on social media.

Even though there is nothing much revealed in the video. It has Dana Mendez featured. She also posted her video on the same beach, tagging Pluma and putting a heart in the caption.

This sparked rumors about their relationship. There is some speculation that Mendez might be playing the role of love interest in the music video, and this whole thing is a subtle promotion.

Peso Pluma and Becky G

There was another rumor about Peso and Becky G in December 2022. They both appeared together in a Miami nightclub.

Becky G., or Rebbeca Marie Gomez, is an American actress and singer. She gained popularity when she started sharing her covers of popular songs in 2011.

But no official confirmation was shared from both artists regarding their relationship.

Peso Pluma and Jailyne Ojeda

As reported in 2023, There are other rumors going on about Jailyne Ojeda. The fans noticed that both have some connection.

Their activities on their social media also added fuel, but there is no confirmation regarding this.

Peso Pluma Net Worth

If you are his fan, you might also be curious about what is Peso Pluma net worth.

Peso Pluma has more than 10 million listeners on Spotify. Also on his Instagram, he has 1.1 million followers.

The primary income source of the artist is his singing career. Apart from this, he earns through different sources such as stage shows, brand promotion, social media, brand endorsement, advertisement, etc.

In 2023, the net worth was estimated to be $10 Million. Here is the list that can give you an idea of his earnings so far.

 Year Net worth
Peso Pluma net worth 2023 $884.8k
Peso Pluma net worth 2022 $82.1k
Peso Pluma net worth 2021 $3.5k
Peso Pluma net worth 2020 $120k

Albums And Tours

Peso Pluma has three names under studio albums, such as

  • Ah, y Qué?
  • Efectos secundarios
  • Génesis

The artist has one tour so far, its Double P Tour.

Interesting facts About Peso Pluma

  • Peso Pluma confessed on The Chart Show with Brook Reese that he is a huge fan of Drake. He said Drake and Bad Bunny are two artists that inspired him. He has listened to their songs since his childhood, and it feels great to be part of the chart where their name appears.
  • Within a few weeks, Peso Pluma’s fame skyrocketed. It took the music industry by storm, showcasing the exceptional talents.
  • To learn the guitar at age 15, Peso sought his inspiration from tutorial videos on YouTube.
  • During his Billboard interview, he said that art is his therapy and uses it to express his thoughts. He took his inspiration and put it in a journal, releasing its rhyme, which he kept practicing.
  • According to the artist, Peso Pluma means featherweight. He and his band asked former Marco Antonio Barrera to give them a stage name.
  • Peso Pluma developed his talent by writing songs. He was inspired by Mexican regional music.
  • His song ‘El Belicon’ which was released in 2022, featuring Raul Vega. The song received 8x Platinum Latin certification from RIAA and sold more than 480,000 units.
  • He collaborated with Natenael Cano for ‘AMG’ and ‘ PRC’ which became some of the massive hits in the Latin music industry. The songs were trending on TikTok and also gained rank in Billboard Hot 100.
  • The music styles he created is influenced by corridos tumbados.
  • Peso Pluma is one of the most streamed artists in Mexico to date.
  • He is the first Mexican regional artist who performed in a late-night American show.
  • The artist was nominated for the first time in 2023 for an award show, competing for Premios Tu Musica Urbano.

Final thoughts

Peso Pluma is no doubt one of the rising stars. His music is getting popular among the young audience and growing his following on different social media platforms.

The artist became famous for coming up with a unique blend of Latin, R&B, and pop. Apart from growing popularity, Peso Pluma also boosted his overall net worth. With different sources of income, there will be more growth in upcoming years.


1. Why is Peso Pluma famous?

Peso Pluma became famous for his work in the resurgence of regional Mexican music. He also encompasses different genres like corridors, banda, norteno, etc.

2. Which song of Peso Pluma became popular?

Peso Pluma’s song Ella Baila Sola with Eslabon Armado in April became the first regional song in Mexican, reaching the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100.

3. Which rank does Peso Pluma have?

Peso Pluma ranked number 5 as the most streamed artist worldwide platform.

4. Is Peso Pluma the real name of an artist?

No, the artist’s real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, which is famous as Peso Pluma.

5. How much is Peso Pluma net worth in 2023?

It’s estimated that Peso Pluma networth by the end of 2023 will be $10 Million.


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