Plant-based diet misses crucial nutrient for brain health says experts


Plant-based diet misses crucial nutrient for brain health say, experts

Weight watchers who stick to a plant-based diet are missing out on the necessary nutrients required for brain health.

Choline, a nutrient absent in the plant-based products, is present in beef, eggs, dairy products, pork, chicken and fish. During the fetal stages, this nutrient acts as an important feeder in developing brain health.

The human body produces some amount of choline but vegetarians are considered to be deficient. Dr. Emma Derbyshire suggests that this nutrient is not only essential for brain health but also many other functions. She also added that the deficiency of this nutrient results in liver disease, offspring cognitive function, and potential neurological disorders.

This topic is important because more and more people are being driven towards becoming vegan and following a plant-based diet because it is trending. The doctor has now appealed to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SCAN) to include this nutrient in the national dietary guidance and population monitoring data.

Research conducted at Harvard University claims that people who consume large amounts of choline are better at memory tests and cognitive tests. Apart from plant and animal-based diets, choline can be found in nuts, beans, and broccoli but at much lower levels.



Choline is a water-soluble vitamin that contains lecithin which is majorly available in eggs and plant and animal organs.

Nutrients are necessary components present in food which are essential for health for growth, repairing of cells, and for building the body.

The importance of this nutrient, choline is quite ignored in the United Kingdom. It is highly advisable for the government bodies and organizations to look into datasets and include this nutrient in the dietary intake.

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This nutrient is highly important for brain functioning and cannot be avoided especially in Europe and the United States of America. Be sure to purchase your meat from a good quality butcher as well.


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