Pop star, 30, killed, in front of horrified fans by exploding pyrotechnic device


An amazingly capable pop artist, just as an artist, was executed when she was hit by a pyrotechnic gadget before her panicked fans

Joana Sainz, 30, was doing a show with Spain’s Super Hollywood Orchestra when the trick turned out badly and was caught live.

A pyrotechnic cartridge was blasted into the vocalist’s stomach area – leaving her lethally injured – as more than 1,000 observers viewed the exhibition during an end of the week party in the little town of Las Berlanas, north-west of Madrid.


The drape was promptly brought down after the injured lady tumbled to the floor, and she was tended to by paramedics and a specialist who incidentally happened to be in the group.

The oblivious lady has removed the stage and quickly taken to a nearby medical clinic, however she was proclaimed dead.

The exhibition was halted following the lady who was hit by the cartridge just before 2 am neighborhood time on Sunday.

Around 1,000 onlookers were beside the phase in an esplanade behind the town square.

Witnesses who were available at the scene said they heard an extremely noisy and deafening clamor and after that saw the vocalist lying on the floor of the phase before the window ornament was immediately brought down.

A man who was going to the presentation told: “There were two rockets – one that went the correct way and the other hit the artist in the mid-region.”

Ms. Sainz, who hails from Santander yet had been dwelling in Suances, was the gathering’s lead artist and was in charge of its movement, El Diario Montanes detailed.

The 112 crisis administration affirmed the episode occurred at 1.49am and the emergency vehicle came to around 25 minutes after the fact.

The therapeutic administration kept an eye on the vocalist at the scene before she was moved to the Avila emergency clinic in an oblivious state.


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