Pre and Post-Vaccine Anxiety: How to Manage it


The pandemic feels like it’s been going on forever, and yet there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. You can have some peace of mind knowing that you can soon get out and return to normal. No longer do you have to only deal with making money from home; you may be able to return to your workplace.

However, if you’re not vaccinated yet, you may have some anxiety of your own with the vaccine. Here’s how to quell it.

Read Information from Trusted Sources

Don’t rely on Facebook shares to tell you what the vaccine is about. Read up on your own. It’s easy to be swayed by some flashy image filled with misinformation, but don’t give in to the temptation. Read trusted medical sources to see how the vaccine is made and how it was approved for the public.

Vaccine Side Effects Are Extremely Rare

You may be concerned with reports of rare, but serious side effects.

All medications have that risk, but you have a higher chance of dying in a car crash than having a blood clot from a virus.

You will have side effects, but most will be mild COVID-19 symptoms. With that said, you do not catch COVID from the virus. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not even contain the virus. The side effects you feel are your body building an immunity to it.

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It’s Just a Pin Prick

Some people are just disgusted by needles, or they feel uneasy around them.

That is understandable. However, the shot is quick and you may not even notice when you’re going in. Bring something to distract you as you get the shot, and then it’ll be over before you know it.

See If You Can Relax Afterwards

As mentioned, you may feel some side effects after you get the virus. If you can, try to relax. Take a nap, eat some good food, or just do something that doesn’t require too much energy from you. After you get the shot, you deserve it.

Post Vaccine Anxiety

Some people may have anxiety integrating back into society, even while being fully vaccinated. They may fear catching the virus still, even if the risk of catching it is extremely rare. Even if you do catch it, it will be a mild case and not one that lands you in the hospital.

Here’s how to stop your fears.

Again, Do Research

Researching really does give you peace of mind. Read up on the effectiveness of the people who have been vaccinated so far. You can see just how rare catching COVID-19 is when you are fully vaccinated.

There Will Be Boosters Down the Road

If you are scared of the vaccine’s effectiveness wearing off, or are worrying about a new strain, remember that there are booster shots planned to keep COVID-19 at bay. Now that the vaccine tech is here, being able to adjust it for any upcoming variants should be a cinch.

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Also, People Will Still Need to Wear Masks

Until society reaches herd immunity, the need for masks will still be out there. This will mean that you will still need to wear them for the time being.

Wearing masks can be a hassle, but being able to do so can give you some peace of mind if you are still afraid of catching the virus even when you are vaccinated.

Start Small

You don’t need to book a flight right away when you are fully vaccinated. When you have anxiety, one way for you to reduce it is to start small.

For example, you can start by going to a restaurant, or going to your favorite shopping center again. You may start to realize just how easy it is and how you still feel healthy.

Vaccine Practice Mindfulness

Another way for you to stop any anxiety you have is to be mindful.

We all fear the future, and one way for you to stop this fear is to be more in the present. Meditate and try to swat away any troublesome thoughts you may have.

Keep awareness of the present at all times, and it may help with your anxieties.

Seek Help Of Vaccine 

Another important thing to remember is that therapy is just a click away.

Even if we are now doing more activities in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the convenience of online therapy.

One website that can help is Mind Diagnostics. Here, you can connect with a therapist who will be willing to help, and also be able to be diagnosed with any anxiety disorder you may have.

In conclusion, we all still have worries, and that’s okay. Managing them one at a time is how you can prepare for the future.


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