Presentation of design ideas for different purposes


Presentations are a must if you are holding a speech, or a meeting and want to convey important information. It can be used in different directions, which is an advantage. Its design determines the level of perception and engagement. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend 24 hours in front of your computer to make a presentation. Facilitate this task, thanks to cool presentation themes, where you can find inspiration and ideas. Do not delay with its creation, but rather quickly proceed to the design.

Trends in presentation design

Speakers are constantly coming up with new ways to present their information in an even more interesting format. Trends are skyrocketing as everyone wants to stand out and win the call of the public. Let’s take a look at the latest trends that you can use in your presentations:

  • Personal History;
  • Duotone Effect;
  • Quotes between slides.

Of course, there are many more options, but these have been tested by audiences more than once.

If the theme allows, then engage the personal story and just do not miss it. There are plenty of ready-made templates that will allow you to formalize this idea and make it a reality. This trick will not only make the slides make more sense, but also increase the audience’s confidence. You don’t have to tell your entire biography. You can add a few interesting facts related to the topic or add a brief background story. Many speakers use this trick, so you can watch a few speeches and see what it looks like in more detail. The main thing is not to make up a story, as lying can damage your reputation.

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The duotone effect is a combination of two colors of necessarily different shades. Such formats can be found on the website of ready-made templates and supplement them with your information, not changing the style, but sticking to it. If you add photos, consider the shades so that they match the overall look of the slides.

Quotes are a popular technique that allows you to emphasize and diversify some information. It can also be used to separate blocks from each other. The main thing is to stick to the topic and not stray from it with quotations, otherwise, it can confuse the audience.

How to attract the attention of the audience instantly?

Some techniques can immediately capture the attention of a large number of people. The main thing is to keep it as useful information and a quality presentation. You can use a loud statement to attract initial attention. People should be interested in further developments, which will reveal the theme of the main statement in more detail. A mild provocation of this kind always attracts the audience. 

Some kind of promise or confession can also interest you. For example, you might say that learning about a similar topic that the presentation is about can change lives for the better. But you can only say that if it is possible. For this technique, you can use a timeline with which to display a succession of events or a plan of action. You can place the scale to your liking or even allocate a separate slide for it.


To make an interesting and high-quality presentation, there are a lot of tools and ideas. Everyone can choose a design appropriate to his theme, decide on a ready-made template and add to it not only the text but also the tricks that attract extra attention. Do not overdo it and do everything in moderation. Follow the aesthetics, because that’s what viewers will pay attention to, too, whether your theme is more complex or creative.

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If you make presentations often, you can gain experience and do it even faster. Especially on a site with ready-made templates, you can immediately filter out unnecessary options using the search system. If, however, among the free themes do not find anything, consider the premium versions, of which there are even more.


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