Prince William Upset Over Harry and Meghan’s Opinion on Queen’s Decision

Prince William upset over Harry and Meghan

Prince William is in yet utter disappointment after his brother Prince Harry’s comments on being slammed from the royal family. Their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, announced earlier that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not going to serve the royal duties.

The Sunday Times of UK reported on Sunday that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was in real aghast by his brother’s comments.

Buckingham Palace announced Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit from the Royal family

Buckingham Palace announced on Friday officially that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would not resume their royal duties. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex came out over a year ago to step back from being “Royals” anymore.

The royal family’s official statement stated that Prince Harry and his wife had already decided that they restrained from behind the royal family members. They have informed their decision to Queen Elizabeth II.

No more public service for Harry, the Duke of Sussex

The palace also said that 36 years old Harry and his spouse Markle would not serve the public service life if they stepped down as Royals. The Queen had written to them about the decision and the consequences which they are going to face. Although, the royal family feels morose with the decision. Prince Harry and his wife would be as loved as before as the family members.

Harry and Markle intend to serve public life irrespective of the Queen’s decision

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex released an official statement of the palace’s official release.

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Prince Harry’s representative said that they have been doing royal duties even in the last year. They have traveled the world, offering their continuous dedication to the royal family. Official roles are not necessary to serve the country. Universality should be the main aspect of public service.

Prince William seems disheartened about Harry and Markle’s comments against Buckingham’s decision. He called it to a close source that his younger brother and wife have insulted the royal family with utmost disrespect. No one should answer back to the Queen; that’s how it is.

Will time heal the royal brotherhood?

Although their well-wishers hope that the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry will get better with time.

A friend of William said that the situation is just too delicate now. He is not happy with his brother for what he has done. The bitterness will fade away with time, though as he hoped.

Prince Harry will lose his Royal Marines post of captain-general. There will lie no other military titles to Prince Harry soon. The Queen would take away those powers from her grandson and distribute them to other deserving royal family members.

Harry served a long decade in the British military. He bonded strongly with them during the Invictus Games. It was a competition organized for troops who suffered wounds.

After Harry’s exit, the title of the military and the royal marines power would go back to Queen Elizabeth II now. Harry was part of The Royal National Theatre, Union of The Rugby Football, The Commonwealth Universities Association, League of The Rugby Football, and the Commonwealth Trust. He will lose out on all of those.

Markle and Prince Harry chose to work independently and announced in January last year they would step down as senior members of the Royal family. The couple is going to divide their work between North America and the UK.

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Harry has given sufficient time before stepping down from the Royal Family

The Duke of Sussex decided with his wife after giving it sufficient time. They added that they will contribute in whatever capacity possible to the monarch, who is now 94, and Prince Charles, 72. He will always be there for William.

There was this rumor in 2019 about the growing feud in the royal family. Prince William was not happy for his brother Harry’s engagement with Meghan in 2017.  Famous Author Katie Nicholl instigated the rumor that Markle and Harry’s relationship is not going down well with the royal family.

William did not expect that Harry would grow such a strong romantic bond with Markle so soon. Katie Nicholl said in a documentary on TLC that Meghan is Princess surviving a war. The older brother asked his younger brother if he was sure enough to move so quickly with Meghan.

Feud between the Royal family came into public in 2019

Nicholl said that Prince Harry is very much protective of Markle. The brotherly advice from William did not go down well with Harry. He knew from that time only that William disapproved of his union with Markle.

Harry indicated the rising bitterness with William in a documentary produced by ITV in 2019. The documentary’s name was Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

Harry said that there is huge pressure of being a royal family. One can not avoid that. He and his brother William choose different ways to live their life. Eventually, they are his family and William, his brother, to always stand by his brother and the monarch.

Harry and William together going to unveil their mother’s statue in July

Robert Lacey said in 2020 November that the sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana are in connection as they talk on the phone sometimes. But their relationship needs time to recover. Lacey is a royal biographer and famous historian.

She added that Harry and Markle’s life would be in North America if the brothers choose to remain upset like this. Even in that situation, the brothers would have although have respect for each other.

Prince of Sussex Harry and Prince of Cambridge William agreed to inaugurate their mother Diana’s statue in Kensington Gardens in July 2021. The world will next get to see the brothers together then.


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