Proven ways to upgrade your HR processes


When the pandemic struck in 2020, companies tried hard to rise to the challenge of keeping their business going. Some failed, and they went under. Some are still battling to recover. Others are doing OK. One of the key ingredients in making sure that your business is best placed to survive in the post-pandemic world is access to robust HR systems.

Where your company is able to interact with staff on a level that goes far beyond an email (which staff know they cannot reply to because no one will see it – or at least, no one important will see it), your company becomes that little bit extra dynamic. Where your staff know that working procedures are tight and training and GDPR and all other aspects of working life are taken care of, they respect the company and understand their place in the grand scheme of things.

Where companies fail to provide expert HR software as a means of making sure the everyday functionality of the business goes off without a hitch, staff will notice the small but regular shortcomings, and they will start to talk about leaving. With that in mind, let’s look at some proven ways to upgrade your HR processes.

Provide a self-service portal for HR

What is a self service portal? It’s the digital hub (or dashboard) through which your company monitors staff productivity and maintains an open line of communication. Staff can easily access their projects, indicate the number of hours spent on each area of the project, and even flag any issues that they may have experienced along the way.

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Not only that, but you can keep your staff up to date with training and development opportunities. Staff that know their best interests are at the heart of the company are likely to work harder than they would for a company that shows no interest in their progression.

Staff can also access the hub to freely update their details or request time off. All of which helps to cut out the piggy-in-the-middle scenario of emailing HR and waiting hours or days for a response.

Introduce more technology

Can your staff work from anywhere? Do they have access to a specially designed app that provides all of the information they might otherwise typically need to speak to HR about?

If your workforce is mobile, and if you do not find ways of introducing more technology to ease and support their time in work, you will miss out on one of the most proven ways to upgrade your HR processes. Why? Because lack of access to company information means that workers create a backlog of tasks for your HR staff to complete.

Better to provide your staff with the technology they need to complete their tasks from anywhere, lessening the impact on your HR team to support remote workers.

Lastly… remain current

Pay attention to developments in your industry. Perhaps sign up to newsletters from industry leaders. Because if you are on top of what’s going on in your industry, your HR staff will be able to upgrade processes in real time. A simple trick, but it works!

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