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Do you remember the times when you visit your father’s office and find out piles of bookkeeping files? Well. Some will say that those were the best times. But, in today’s world, time is best for nature. Today, online Accounting and financing software has won over the business sphere. One such software is QuickBooks Online. 

To begin with, in the USA, the paper industry is predicting up to a 2% decline in paper use in the upcoming years. This 2% will cause the industry to set back in the early 2000s. For the most part, the time-to-time reduction in the consumption of paper is working best for the Earth. The online software QuickBooks and others are allowing the forest to live. Further, provide a better living to the humans and animals as well.


Quickbooks online

Today, we will connect you with one of the major modifications in the Accounting & Finance Industry. I .e.., QuickBooks Online App. Let’s begin with a brief introduction to this high-end accounting mobile app online. Further, we will learn how to process QuickBooks Account Login and more!

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is a real-time online Accounting Software. This cutting-edge high-tech software generates easy Invoices, GST Bills, and Returns. There is one of the most common questions that revolve in the minds of QuickBooks Online Accountants. It is “whether; do you need accounting & GST advanced skills to work on QuickBooks online?” 

As per our experience of using the Online QuickBooks App, we find it easy and effective. The user does not need deep insights of GST to create GST bills as you can generate the bills online. Furthermore, the QuickBooks Online mobile application creates GST bills and returns. This is why it is also known as “GST Ready Cloud Accounting Software.”



Quickbooks Accounting tool contains very simple user-interface. It helps the beginners of accounting to grasp a working grip on how to work on it! Itt also allows the users to create, recreate, edit, download, and share financial records. You can also create and share GST Returns, and GST Invoice in the form of excel sheets. 

The benefits of QuickBooks online are worth mentioning. One of the major benefits of QuickBooks accountant mobile app is that it is a cost-effective solution for businesses. You can use this app if you have less working capital. Furthermore, you can save on the cost of paper, chartered accountant, bookkeeping stationery, and workplace expenses

Is QuickBooks Online App free-of-cost?

Yes! In a way, the QuickBooks online App comes with a 30-days trial period. That’s right! With QuickBooks download, you can enjoy your 1-month training on this app for free. Further, Quickbooks online pricing is very authentic. It costs much less than real-time co-existing bookkeeping costs. For example, per month your start-up may spend up to 200, 00 INR on bookkeeping by hand. By downloading QuickBooks, you can decrease this cost per month by 19, 600 INR. That’s right! QuickBooks pricing chart is available for advanced accounting & financing at 400 INR per month. The user can also download and buy it for a year via a one-time payment of just 4, 800 INR.

quickbooksonline for India

QuickBooks Online Vs. QuickBooks Desktop

We already know what Quickbooks online is. But, what is QuickBooks Desktop? Here is your answer:

QuickBooks Desktop is a 360-degree business accounting mobile application by Intuit. This desktop pro mobile app helps the users to maintain and track the growth of their small-scale or large-scale business by organizing finances, examine day-to-day business performance, and import business records in automatically created excel sheets and more. 

Three types of QuickBooks Desktop versions that are available online:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro for Mac
  • 2020 QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus version
  • QuickBooks Desktop version Premier

When it comes to Quickbooks Desktop and Online, these two remain the most competitive accounting mobile applications available online. However, which one to choose? Let’s take a glimpse of differences between QuickBook online and QuickBooks Desktop based on basic, average, and advanced accounting and business factors:


The cost comparison between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop, it is clear that QuickBook’s online mobile app costs less than the latter one. For example, QuickBooks online simple version costs 400 INR per month, I .e.., $5.31. On the other hand, the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 costs approximately $16 per month. However, QuickBooks’ online pricing chart mentions that for advanced versions of QuickBooks online, the intuit charges $75 per month. Whereas, QuickBooks Desktop Plus for MacBook software is available for purchase at $199 per year. 

Downloading Barriers

On one hand, Quickbooks online is a cloud-based product introduced by Intuit. Thus, you can download it either on your PC or Mobile. But, on the other hand, Quickbooks Desktop is not a cloud-based product, and thus, you cannot download it on your mobile application. In the context of the internet, Quickbooks Desktop pro or pro plus 2020 does not require any internet connection (except for downloading procedure). Whereas, QBO demands an average to a high-speed internet connection for functioning.

Product Modification in the past decades

To the reader’s surprise, QuickBooks Online is one of the oldest products of Intuit. It was introduced in 2004. In 16 years, Intuit has modified QBO in the form of additional features such as online training, business analytics and insights, account management, profitability examination, and multiple users. On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop, a.k.a QBD has not much modified in the context of customer support, mobile access, and running reports. However, the newest QuickBook Desktop Plus Pro offers cloud-based access to additional payable requests.

Multiple Users Limit

QuickBooks by Intuit are best finance and accounting apps supportive of freelancers, small-businesses, newly graduated accountants, and CA graduates. How? Well. Quickbooks online pricing remains available based on the number of users. For example, if you desire to purchase the Quickbooks online for your use, you can choose a simple app version with 1-user access. If you are purchasing it for your small business, you can go for an advanced version that allows access to 25 users at a time.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop pro and pro plus does not allow access to more than three users at a time. In addition to this, the desktop version also provides access to 30 users upon a high-end additional cost. That’s a Con for sure!

Real-time Banking Info Synchronization

For personal accounting and financing purposes, QBO offers to sync bank and credit card information from time-to-time. But, this real-time sync feature is not available in QBD. Thus, QBD is recommendable for businesses. QBO works best for freelancers and self-employed individuals. 

What are QuickBooks Online Advanced Features?

The following are the QBO features that you can benefit from while using QuickBooks Online Advanced Mobile App. The advanced version costs $75 per month. 

Constant Income and Expenses Examination

When it comes to comparing the income and expense factor of business, there are many cut-downs that you can make. QuickBooks online creates an automatic excel sheet that categorizes Income and expenses into taxable income and expenses. This helps the business or freelancers to become more cost-effective by cutting down avoidable expenses. Apart from this, it also offers a clear visualization of expenses that remain valid for a tax deduction.

Improve Credit Score

Memorizing capacity of humans tends to miss-out on monthly payments such as EMIs, credit card payments, and term loans interest payments. In such a situation, QuickBooks online remains helpful as you can set unlimited payment reminders. By using this feature, you can improve your credit score by making advance payments, last-minute EMIs, and cover term loan monthly interest

Share custom invoices online

For freelancers and self-employed individuals, you may find it difficult to share professional invoices online during your busy schedule. What to do? Just download the QBO simple version and create a custom invoice with a personal logo in no time. Not only this, but you can also download or directly share these invoices online. Further, you can view any custom invoice in the sharing history and track down bills receivable that have not received yet. It helps you to stay connected with your contractors on a professional basis and follow-up for payment from time-to-time.

Prevention against financial cyber fraud

Cyber fraud in companies is very common by the financial authorities. By using QBO, you can avoid this major concern. How? To begin with, QBO allows the employer to restore changes that have been made by the additional users in the mobile app. You can also view the users who have made changes in the last hour, last day, last week, or even last month. 

Track business resources as per your objective

The base of business is matching business goals to the accurate business resources and solutions. But, these are complex to track. In this situation, QuickBooks online is your guy! You can download and connect with a tech-based account manager online. This automated account manager updates business resources that are best for you depending on your business goal, mission, and vision. Further, it also connects you to the best QBO accounting managers in your area that can help you whenever any technical issue arises. However, this feature is only available in the advanced version of QBO.

Cost-effective accounting training for all users

QuickBooks Desktop cost

Is your finance department running slow? Don’t worry! At QBO, you can sign-up for online accounting training that will help your finance department to gain practical accounting skills that are very effective. This online training costs only $2, 000. This training saves time, trainers’ cost, and money by allowing users to take the training online anytime and anywhere. QBO opens online finance lectures that an employee can view at his earliest convenience. This technique can prevent you from hiring an accounting trainer with specific time-availability, and other terms and conditions.

Cash flow tips online

All businesses’ expansion is based on Cash Flow at the end of the year. Yes! Cash flow shows the final profit and loss. Hence, it directly displays the success of your business structure. Do you want to improve it before it’s too late? Well. The best solution is to download Quickbooks online advanced trial. This cloud-based accounting app offers time-to-time cash flow improvement tips. These tips hold the capacity to make your business perform much better in the context of revenue. You can view avoidable expenses, inaccurate provisions and wrong equity return info. 

How to download QuickBooks Online?

Follow the instructions given below to download QuickBooks online app:

  1. Go to Intuit QuickBooks Online pricing with the payroll portal
  2. View different QBO packages available. There are three: Simple Start, Plus and Advanced.
  3. Choose a package that does business accounting best for you.
  4. Click on the “Buy Now and Save” Option.
  5. Enter Email Address.
  6. Confirm Email Address.
  7. Enter Mobile Number.
  8. Further, Enter a password.
  9. Confirm the password in the next column.
  10. Click on “One more step.”
  11. Select the payment method.
  12. Confirm payment.
  13. You have downloaded the QBO mobile app.

How to Start the 30-days Trial at QuickBooks Online?

free trial quickbooks online

  1. Go to Intuit QuickBooks Online pricing payroll portal
  2. View different QBO packages available. There are three: Simple Start, Plus and Advanced.
  3. Choose a package that does business accounting best for you.
  4. Click on the “Try it for thirty Days” Option.
  5. Enter Email Address.
  6. Confirm Email Address.
  7. Enter Mobile Number.
  8. Further, Enter a password.
  9. Confirm the password in the next column.
  10. As a result, you have signed-up for QBO 30-Days free trial.

QuickBooks Online Epilogue

QuickBooks Online is one of the leading products by Intuit. This finance and accounting app also allows Indian users to create (GST) Tax books. To the reader’s surprise, it is one and only a GST calculator online mobile app. It also delivers time-to-time GST insights to the accounting experts. You can keep GST records on the track. Above all, QBO is a 360-degree cloud-based online mobile app. It has a payroll option. It helps the finance department of organizations to keep a track of salary invoices. 

Download Quickbooks online today and start your free trial. Improve your lifestyle with less-time accounting and more time learning. QBO: The smart accounting solution.”



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