Recruiting Veterans: How to Obtain Verification of Military Service


It is critical to the national security mission that the defense industry employs veterans. Veterans have a lot to offer, such as leadership abilities, a grasp of team dynamics, and the flexibility to adapt and learn. It is not only beneficial for companies to hire veterans on paper, but they also benefit from the veteran’s experience and critical thinking abilities. Veterans may already have certifications and transferable skills in some fields. Since approximately 200,000 service members leave the military each year, this is good news for national security-focused organizations and federal agencies. In other words, how can you tell whether a patriotic service member is a real hero or someone who has stolen valor?

Easiest Ways to Confirm Military Service

Ways for Record Checking

After a service member has left the military for at least 62 years, his or her records are made available to the public. All military service records from World War I onwards can be found at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). NPRC can be contacted by phone or mailed a FOIA request.

In order to determine if a candidate meets the requirements of a contract or for employee veteran percentage records, recruiters can directly ask candidates or employees for their service records. To file a report of separation, use DD Form 214 (Report of Separation). Alternatively, you may want to look into online databases for any disputed commendation medals that may exist. Only those who have received military commendation medals will be eligible for this.

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Confirming Service is a Key Step in the Recruitment Process

There are numerous ways to determine if a person has served in the military in the past. As a manager, it is perfectly acceptable to conduct a background check on a veteran member of your team to ensure that they are telling the truth. Verifying service is critical, so make sure you check diligently – there are options for verification.


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