Reinvigorate Your Capital Markets Events with New Webcasting Tech

Webcasting Tech

What’s your opinion on hosting digital capital markets events? If you’re like many IROs, you yearn for the pre-pandemic days of purely physical meetings and conferences. Old-fashioned, in-person conferences are preferred by IR professionals over virtual meetings, according to a study from last year. 

This points to a problem with the way companies host capital markets virtual events, and technology is almost always to blame. Upgrading to the right IR software for investor relation professionals might change your mind about playing host. 

Most IROs Don’t Rate Virtual Events Positively

IR Magazine’s COVID-19 Update 2022 reveals less than half of the surveyed IROs give capital markets virtual events a positive rating of eight out of 10 or higher. 

Most professionals score digital conferences a 7 or less — that’s a C or lower in the American grading system!

Unfortunately, investors don’t agree. The same report shows that most investors — especially those in Asia — see value in virtual engagements. They appreciate the opportunity these digital events provide to engage with corporate access. 

Is Bad Technology to Blame?

Everyone’s had an experience (or several) where bad webcasting technology fails. 

Technical difficulties come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re almost always annoying. Pixelated views, frozen screens, choppy audio, and back-end tools that don’t work — they can frustrate even the most patient IRO and sour your view on capital markets virtual events forever.

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While bugs and glitches interfere with many virtual events, they don’t have to impede your next presentation. Better webcasting services exist.

Why Update Your Webcast Services?

You can trust sophisticated webcast services to help you deliver a captivating presentation free from all the usual annoyances that come with virtual events. This technology comes as a holistic platform that provides all the key features you need and the functionality that you want. 

The latest webcast services promise leading technology and security, guaranteeing a smooth experience for attendees and hosts alike. By upgrading your tech, you can produce high-quality live webcasts and on-demand presentations. You’ll have the ability to organize multiple sessions, keynotes, and panels on an intuitive and convenient interface. 

This platform comes with end-to-end premium support, including event specialists who help you produce, manage, and execute your conference. They’ll walk you through pre-event planning, speaker onboarding, and behind-the-scenes support on the day of your event. 

Consider This a Sign to Update Your Entire IR Platform

If you’re working with outdated webcasting tech, there’s a good chance your entire platform might be out of date, too. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in the capital markets, so even a three-year-old program may not keep up with your modern workload. 

Does your tech naturally collect data from your webcasting tools and consolidate it with other data sets, such as your CRM tools, IR website, and more? 

If not, it might be time to look for an IR partner that delivers an all-in-one tool encompassing all your investor relations needs. Purpose-built tools can connect insights from across all your digital channels, integrating virtual engagements with other strategic touchpoints. 

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With the right technology, digital events won’t feel as daunting as they used to be. 



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