Remarkable brings its e-paper tablets to more scribblers by raising $15 million.


Remarkable, the Norwegian start-up behind the digital paper tablet of the same name, has raised $15 million in a Series A round of funding from Spark Capital.

Founded out of the capital of Norway in 2013, outstanding is targeting writers and note-takers with a $500 pill that strives to copy paper in an exceedingly digital type.

The company uses its own Linux-based software that’s optimized for the ten.3″ e-paper display; it focuses squarely on low-latency to bring the expertise as shut as doable to writing or drawing on real paper.

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Users will produce a document from scratch, or annotate existing PDFs, and sync all their creations to the cloud.

Remarkable brings its e-paper tablets to more scribblers by raising $15 million.
Remarkable brings its e-paper tablets to more scribblers by raising $15 million.

This means that they’ll access everything through a companion app on mobile devices and the desktop, whereas the device is additionally capable of changing written notes into written text using optical character recognition (OCR), which can then be shared by email.

Prior to currently, outstanding had raised $10 million over 2 seed-funding rounds, stemming from a range of Nordic-based family offices, early-stage investors, and angels.

With another $15 million within the bank, it aforesaid that it plans to accelerate its growth, invest in its sales and marketing efforts, and plow some money into R&D around future products.

“We are in discussions with several investors over the past many years,” noted outstanding founder and corporate executive Magnus Haug Wanberg.

“From the terribly starting, Spark’s alignment with not solely our vision however conjointly our culture created them stand out from the remainder. It conjointly didn’t hurt that they were early adopters and avid users of our paper pill.”

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In the 2 years since VentureBeat last lined outstanding, the corporate has refocused its efforts in terms of its target market originally it absolutely was pitched at anyone from business folks to creatives, the latter effect that means those that prefer to sketch and illustrate.

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While such creative types can still use Remarkable for that, the company now sees its core audience as being the business fraternity.

We quickly saw that those who were most curious about outstanding were the business execs and people that were exploitation.

“For quite 2 years currently, we’ve so not targeted sketchers or illustrators specifically, although several among this audience have continued to buy tablets from the United States of America.”


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