Rise to Stardom: The Secret Tool Every Indie Artist Must Know!


In the ever-evolving world of independent music, artists are constantly on the hunt for platforms that offer comprehensive tools to bolster their careers. Enter Viberate for Artists – the nexus of digital distribution, music promotional avenues, including a free website for musicians and Spotify playlist pitching, coupled with insightful analytics on platforms like social media and music channels.

Background on Viberate

Known for its prowess as a music data company, Viberate has been a go-to for industry professionals seeking reliable music analytics. In its latest venture, the company has expanded its horizons to cater directly to artists, offering a suite of data-centric tools, some entirely free, while others come at a nominal annual fee of $39.

Why Artists are Buzzing About It

Free Website for Musicians:

Being recognized as the largest crowdsourced database for artists globally, Viberate boasts a unique proposition. Each artist’s page is meticulously vetted by a dedicated team of curators. This stringent verification process facilitates the creation of a free website for musicians. Essentially, every artist gets an inclusive webpage. This site encompasses core details like their genre, home country, top tracks, music videos, upcoming gigs, and a detailed audience demographic. The beauty of these websites lies in their automated generation and updates, all while presenting a visually appealing interface ready to be showcased.

Spotify for Artists Stats and Comprehensive Analytics:

Beyond just a digital presence, Viberate extends its services into the realm of analytics. By simply linking their Spotify account, artists can deep dive into their Spotify for Artists stats. This offers them a bird’s eye view on a multitude of metrics – from monitoring listeners, streams, and stream sources to understanding the demographics of their audience. Additionally, artists can identify cities where their fanbase is growing exponentially and monitor the performance of their tracks on various playlists. Such in-depth playlist analytics empower artists to discern their top-performing tracks and evaluate their trajectory over time.

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Empowering Digital Music Distribution:

To make waves in the music industry, distribution is key. Recognizing this, Viberate for Artists paves the way for artists to seamlessly release their music across all major streaming platforms.

Mastering Spotify Playlist Pitching:

In the post-release phase, promotion becomes paramount. This is where the platform’s Spotify playlist pitching tool comes into play. Artists are granted access to an expansive Spotify playlist chart, indexing over 12 million playlists based on their popularity. This facilitates artists in curating a list of potential playlists that resonate with their genre and music style. The advanced filtering system aids in refining choices based on genre, subgenre, playlist type, the recency of song releases, and even the track’s popularity. For instance, if one’s niche is House music, the platform can display indie curator playlists aligned with specific criteria like follower count, song release timeline, and direct contact options.

Additional Perks:

Beyond the aforementioned tools, Viberate for Artists offers a comparative lens where artists can gauge their performance against peers. This serves as a vantage point to identify popular playlists that might be keen on featuring their tracks.

To encapsulate, the Premium Viberate for Artists package, inclusive of music distribution, avant-garde promotional tools, and detailed analytics, is an investment worth every penny at just $39 annually. In today’s saturated music industry, having an edge can make all the difference – and Viberate for Artists might just be that game-changer for many independent artists.


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