Shock! A Christmas Prince 3 made up another country

Shock! A Christmas Prince 3 made up another country

Christmas prince 3 coming again on the occasion of Christmas. But this time shifted to another country. With no change in caste, the movie is going to spread the love again. But it is also reported that some new caste will also be seen. Significantly those characters expected to gather love from the audience. 

This series is expected to get the same attention as the last two sequences of the Christmas prince. Viewers have to travel to Aldovia as per the report. Christmas prince is about a royal baby, queen Amber and King Richard. Queen Amber and King Richard will be seen as a welcoming prince. 

However, the audience will be introduced to new characters in the movie. This movie is featuring king Tai and queen Ming of Bengali along with the previous character. This pretty couple would be joining Amber and Richard in the world of Christmas prince. 

That pretty couple has to sign a treaty with Amber and Richard. If they will not sign on time then Richard and Amber’s son has to suffer a curse.

Shock! A Christmas Prince 3 made up another country
Shock! A Christmas Prince 3 made up another country

As we all know that the Aldovia is a country of imagination that doesn’t exist at all. However, the royal antiques resemble the U.K. So it will be not surprising to say that Tai and Ming also not belong to the real city. 

This film is showing Bengali culture throughout the movie. You will see the traditionally dressed people around. The whole shit of their ridiculous culture of curse approves it’s as unreal. The Bengali tradition and their dressing somehow is a blueprint of Chinese culture.

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The name Tai and Ming giving direct relation with Chinese. However, this name can also be used in other countries. The dress queen Ming is seen to wear, traditional saree with a mandarin collar those like Chinese. The actress who is playing the role belongs to Yeung from Hongkong. And Bengali is also a city that exists in China in reality.

Moreover, you will look at all those Chinese cultures especially from those new characters. The king Tai and queen Ming and Bengali all is showing Chinese culture in a way to show the reality. Unlikely they are based on real people. It is also noticeable that if everyone holds even a little water China doesn’t have a monarchy.


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