Signs Your Office Needs a New Driveway or Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Driveways and parking lots are normally built to last. However, they won’t last forever; nothing does. Here are a few guidelines on what you should look out for when it comes to fixing your driveways and parking lots so they can last for a long time.

1. Cracks

The first sign of deterioration on your driveways and the parking lot is cracking. Be it asphalt or concrete; there’s bound to be some wear and tear, mostly due to seeping chemicals such as oil, de-icing salt, or gas. Your business parking lot can be affected during winter and rainy seasons as the cracks keep expanding and contracting. Evaluate how deep the cracks look, how wide they stretch, and the damage length to understand the extent of damage and if it’s just a simple fix or a complete replacement.

2. Potholes

Just like how potholes may damage your vehicle, the same can happen to the functionality of your driveway. These may develop if the ground underneath your business parking lot expands or contracts. Over time, the ground weakens, and cracks may begin to form. Potholes are sure to form with the traffic being directed to the area. Depending on the extent of the damage, a simple replacement may fix the issue. However, some may need replacement if the damage is extensive.

3. Pooling Water

Water is one of the biggest causes of damage to driveways and parking lots. The most common sign your driveway needs repair is pools of water. Poor drainage may cause the water to collect and can affect the integrity of such areas, damaging driveways and pavements. Also, if the water seeps into the top layer of your driveway, this may damage the foundation of your business, which can be very dangerous for you and your employees.

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Fix a drainage problem by adjusting the parking lot’s slope, installing underground drainage systems, inputting a drainage pipe, or adding a curb to redirect the water flow away from your business’s parking lot or driveway. This will maintain its integrity and make it last longer.

4. Aged or Weathered Appearance

Over time, there may be wear and tear brought about by traffic from vehicles and exposure to the elements. These may bring about irreversible damage to your business’s driveways and pavements. In most cases, fading is considered more of an aesthetic than a major concern. You can fix this using a case seal coating to restore your desired appearance. However, oxidization may undermine your driveway’s durability, necessitating repair or replacement.

According to Paving Finder, a well-maintained, newly laid pavement can serve you well for 15 to 30 years while retaining its attractive appearance and efficiency. Hence, if the damage has extended beyond repair, have it redone and save on the repair cost for your parking lot or driveway.

5. Lose Edges and Uneven Surfaces

If you look at the pavements outside your business and notice they look uneven or have noticeable bumps and dips, this can be dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles. Besides, evidence of deterioration along the edges could indicate the beginning of the erosion of the driveaway structure, further evidence that it requires substantial repairs if you don’t promptly address the problem. Water infiltration may affect the edges, making the driveway loose and the asphalt structure split. A crumbling driveway is evidence there’s a need for immediate repair.

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You can install a new driveway or parking lot for a smooth and even surface to prevent accidents. Angi explains that, unlike asphalt, brick, or seashell materials, concrete driveways could last 25 to 50 years, making them a feasible alternative to a temporary fix.

6. Excessive Repairs

As much as repairs and parchments could be cheaper and adequate for sorting out the immediate issue, it’s not a great strategy for dealing with the issue comprehensively. The Spruce, an online website, explains that installing a new asphalt driveway costs, on average, 5$ to $7 per square foot. This may be a more viable solution than constant repairs for your business. Just create a budget and build a new driveway or parking lot that’ll serve you for years without needing repairs.

If you see any of the above problems in your business’s parking lot or driveway, you may need professional repair advice. The earlier you get it sorted, the better and cheaper it’ll be before the winter season, which could worsen the damage.


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