Singapore’s Dependent Pass Program for Family Members


    The dependent pass system lets the holders of a work pass bring some of their household members to Singapore. A dependent pass owner is entitled to reside in Singapore. Other than just living, they can also study and work in Singapore with the right approval. This allows someone working in Singapore to have their family close to them. Read on to learn how this scheme works.


    For DP eligibility, you have to be strictly linked to the owner of the work pass. It would be best if you were their legally-wedded mate or bachelor child below twenty-one years of age including fostered kids. The work pass owner must also have a minimum monthly income of six thousand Singapore dollars. You require several records, too. These documents include a duplicate of a marriage license for wedded individuals and a duplicate of the kid’s birth certificate. If your child is adopted, you have to present an adoption order. These are official documents and they should be in the English language correctly interpreted to English.


    To register, you are required to include the work pass user’s employee. Applicants must present the form and a charge of seventy Singapore dollars. It is then received and approved and sent back. In the case of challenges, you can use Visa Express Singapore to ease the visa appeal. From this point, the applicant has to physically be in Singapore to inquire about the subject of the DP. They also submit the applicant’s passport information, the contemporary short-term vacation pass, the applicant’s living location in the country, delivery location, contact details, and a fee of one hundred and fifty Singapore dollars.

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    On completing the DP issue, the claimant gets a notification letter that is valid for a month. The report permits the owner to study, work, or move out of and into Singapore. This letter states whether or not the candidate’s fingerprints will be taken. If it is necessary, you have to submit your prints and get a picture collected. If you applied over five years prior, you would need to give this information. The claimant has to go with an authentic passport, invitation note, notification message, and any other documents listed. After this process, you can then receive your DP card. This whole process usually takes about four days.


    Not all cases go well and some could be rejected. In this case, the employee or firm needs to appeal within three months. The forms should only be filled when new information is presented that addresses the rejection issues. They can take about three weeks or more to be processed.


    Operating in the nation with a DP requires you to have a letter authorizing the action. The representative of the work pass owner has to appeal for this letter. This is what will allow you to operate without stress in the nation. With this pass, you have passage to both early levels of school education. This is for both private-owned and governmental institutions. Access is allowed but admission is not guaranteed. If you wish to undertake university courses in Singapore, you need to appeal for the Student Pass. Nevertheless, when you take a course shorter than the DP duration, you only need to have a letter of approval or consent.

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