Snag’s New Anker PowerWave wireless charging pads – it costs $10 a piece


What is life without a wireless charging pad, right? At least that’s what we learned from Apple’s recent event. Anyway, taking advantage of your smartphone’s wireless charging facility might not actually be a bad experience.

Add two Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Pads to your kitty for just $10 each today when you use the promo code VPRB2503 during checkout at Amazon. You can save up to $10 which is a brilliant deal in today’s market. Use Amazon Prime for additional discounts, as usual.

It is a known fact that a lot of modern phones can charge wirelessly. You can even charge devices like your everyday AirPods or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. The future of the technology industry revolves a lot around wireless tech. Now is the right time to make an investment in these and it’s not a very expensive one either.

Snag's New Anker PowerWave wireless charging pads - it costs $10 a piece
Snag’s New Anker PowerWave wireless charging pads – it costs $10 a piece

These pads give 10W high-speed charging capacity for Samsung Galaxy and other compatible devices, and they provide a 7.5W fast charge for any iPhone with wireless charging. Other devices that give regular Qi charging will power up at the standard 5W. The LED indicator will let you know the charging level of the device.

It will also be indicated if the phone’s case is too thick or there’s something else between the phone and the charger. Here is another benefit: the pads work with all cases up to 5mm thick. Any metal or cards behind the phone will most likely prevent charging. An 18-month warranty is also provided with the purchase.

However, the charger does come with the necessary cable but not with a wall adaptor like you would expect and you’ll have to use Quick Charge 3.0 if you want to use that tech, so it would be a great decision to buy at least one today to make sure you’re getting the fastest possible charge in a very reasonable deal.

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