Some Android TV devices Now lose support from HULU

Some Android TV devices Now lose support from HULU
Some Android TV devices Now lose support from HULU

For reasons that are not clear at this time, Hulu has been silently dropping assistance for some Android TV devices over the last months. There are a few ways for users who have Android TV to still access Hulu and media services. Completing a simple cast iPhone to Android TV will allow your phone’s screen to appear on your TV that can resolve this issue.

The most current support difference impacts the Channel Master Stream+ DVR and the AirTV OTA DVR from Sling TV; the firm confirmed that it has lowered support for these gadgets, but has not offered a justification for the difference at this time.

The first support modification impacted AT&T TV’s Android TV-powered streaming carton back in August.

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Users reported that Hulu was not available any more on the set-top box pursuing an update the streaming firm pushed out at the time. Hulu never furnished an explanation about why it yanked support for this commodity.

Some Android TV devices Now lose support from HULU
Some Android TV devices Now lose support from HULU

The firm is following this trend with the disposal of support for another two gadgets: AirTV OTA DVR and Channel Master Stream+.

The casualty of support was reported by Cord Cutters, which documented that Channel Master Stream+ DVR forfeited the support in advance today and that Hulu confirmed it will also grab support for the AirTV prototype.

The company has not provided a justification for why it grabbed support for these gadgets. Speculation abounds — it is possible that the applications may return in the future if the firms get approval for giving the application on their devices.

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It is also possible that Hulu has no agendas to support these devices in the destiny due to perceived competition with the assistance they offer and/or the firms that furnish them.

Hulu may pull assistance from other devices in the destiny, though there is no confirmation about whether it schedules to do that.

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At this time, holders of those gadgets will need to get a varied streaming product to enter Hulu, such as a Chromecast, Apple TV, or one of the different Android TV commodities on the market.


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