Top Three Trending Songs on YouTube You Need Hear Right Now

Songs on YouTube

In these quarantine days, everyone has more free time than they know what to do with. Listening to music has become a popular way to de-stress and relax. With a lot of people working from home, the home environments have come a little chaotic. Staying locked up inside your house for weeks on end can drive anyone nuts. Moreover, a lot of people are worried if they’ll be the next victims of the Coronavirus. All this leads to a lot of pent up stress, and music brings some much-needed respite from all the chaos. Music creators have become innovative too since they’re also affected by the quarantine. When they can’t record new content, they’re releasing remixes in order to keep the audience engaged. Check out the top three songs on YouTube right now!

Singers and music artists have risen up to the occasion. They are aware that right now people are at home and they’re more likely to listen to their songs. Hence, they have regularly started putting out content in order to gain more listeners. They also know that people are looking for a break from the chaos and they can help with that. In light of this, musicians are creating music that is relatable to the people. Music is trending so much these days all of the top three trending songs on YouTube are music videos. The top trending music video on YouTube is Megan Thee Stallion – Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé). King Von – Grandson for President (Remix) comes second. Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up comes third among the top trending songs on YouTube.

Megan Thee Stallion – Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé)

Remixes have been criticized recently for being mindless knitting of verses and beats. This one however, is getting as much attention as a new song release does. Savage by Megan Thee Stallion was already a hit song that was stuck in people’s heads. Then along came Beyoncé and gave it a golden touch with the remix.

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Both singers are from Houston and people had been waiting for a collaboration between them. Beyoncé offers several verses which can be seen blending smoothly with the beat. Megan gave the song a killer chorus and cocky verses while Beyoncé brought in the class.

The song is aimed at promoting self-empowerment and self-love overall. It is about being strong and independent and charting your own course. Its message regarding how one should never bow down to please people is timeless. After releasing the Lion King Companion album titled the gift, this is Beyoncé’s first song. Megan Thee Stallion – Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé) is a song that is sure to remain in our hearts.

This music video also had a noble cause behind it. Both the singers will be donating their share of the proceeds to Bread of Life Inc. Bread of Life is a charity organization that has been donating food and supplies via a drive-through. They have also been delivering food to the households of quarantined senior citizens. Apart from this they have been running a telehealth program and hiring social workers.

King Von – Grandson for President (Remix)

King Von is one of the rising stars from Chicago in the rap game. One of his latest endeavours called Levon James has further consolidated his position. He has garnered a lot of respect among people for his hard-hitting verses. His songs usually focus on self-empowerment and pushing your limits. Most of his songs are about working hard and achieving excellence. He is an upcoming rapper who has great potential. By getting his song up and trending on YouTube, he is only adding a feather in his cap.

His rap song Grandson for President is famous for two reasons, gripping lyrics and a groovy tone. His rapping is in perfect sync with the background tone. The music is strong but it doesn’t overpower his lyrics. His lyrics stand out and hit hard. This song is about standing strong and surviving against all odds. There is also a verse where he talks about annihilating his enemies. All you need to do is listen to King Von – Grandson for President (Remix) once to understand why it’s trending.

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Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up

All the other songs on this list have been about being an aggressive go-getter. They’ve been about letting nothing stand in your way and achieving your goals. Then comes Kevin Gates from New Orleans with this soothing and inspiring song. In this song, Kevin Gates gets emotional and pours his heart out. He talks about the mistakes he’s made, what he has learnt and bares it all. He shows an unguarded version of himself that he hides from the world.

The song has a Trapp beat and Kevin talks about his life like its an open book. He talks about his days in prison where he suffered many hardships. He talks about the fake friends in his life and talks about how tough situations reveal your true friends. Kevin also mentions about his relationship with God and how it has guided him.

This song gives a unique window unto Kevin’s life. His signature unflappable demeanour is also portrayed in the song. Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up is a unique song because the rap is ferocious yet the lyrics hold nothing back. In the song Kevin appears to be vulnerable but strong, two things that are rarely associated together. Kevin has tried to inspire people with stories from his intense past and how he overcame problems to succeed.

Final Thoughts

This quarantine is hard for everyone. Music creators have had to come up with innovative ways to create and publish new music. Releasing new music may not seem like an important task but it’s needed to help people unwind. Music can later your mood hence it’s important that music from different genres keeps coming in. The top trending songs of YouTube are expected to be music videos for the foreseeable future. You should listen to these top three songs now so that you can understand why people are drawn by them.


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