“Star Wars Resistance’ Season 2 Episode 1: Full Review

"Star Wars Resistance' Season 2 Episode 1: Full Review

The ending of the Star Wars resistance ending the way it did gives an impression that it is part of something bigger— like Disney putting so much of its resources on content for Disney+, especially with Star Wars shows, the company is more or less is moving on from it, changing its overall direction in regards to this particular IP.

But likewise, the bottom line is that Resistance is average at best and it is something which wouldn’t bother you to come back and watch again in the future.

More precisely, the show lacks focus and direction and it is pretty loose as far as plot goes.

"Star Wars Resistance' Season 2 Episode 1: Full Review
“Star Wars Resistance’ Season 2 Episode 1: Full Review

Is it more like a light fun ride in the galaxy? No. A careful observation of the opposite side of the First Order conflict? A bit.

A lazy take on the people outside of that conflict? Possibly. It’s a mess really with so many plot diversions and not sticking to just one.

And that drive deprived plot really just makes Resistance feel redundant, as a show and as a part of the whole Star Wars universe.

Take this case. In the “Into The Unknown,” Torra appears to be weirdly matured and grown-up, clearly disgusted by everyone and everything around her. The shift of the character was so sudden and improperly paced that it throws the term smooth transition out of the window.

Also there is a lot to be mentioned about the way battle with the First Order and the immediate banishment of The Colossus to outer space could definitely affect a character, Torra’s shift is apparently unrelated to all of this and yet, she is somehow changed me, She never really considers revealing anything about this shift nor do we get to know about how all this is affecting her (she was always a chatty one).

To make it worse, nobody else on the ship/base is affected or talking about. It’s as if they don’t even care.

Our take, in a nutshell, would this—spend your time on a show that is much better. Peaky Blinders for one!


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