Stranger Things: Hopper’s demise ‘affirmed’ as star drops stressing intimation?


The death of Jim Hopper in Season 3 of Stranger Things was part of a plan and hid somewhere. There are a lot of questions that fans are waiting for (and hoping) for the odd Season 4 answer at the end of Season 3, and the biggest is about Hopper’s fate.

The mid-credits scene in the last episode convinced many fans that Hopper had survived the events in Russia’s underground lab and was now a prisoner in Kamchatka.

Others believe that Hopper found away in the last second and jumped up and down through the gate, while others think he might be stuck between measurements.

The truth is, there is some evidence to suggest that Hopper was not dead, but it is a mystery where he was and what happened in the lab that night. Hawkins’ death, however, is believed by some to be part of a plan to protect Hawkins.

Stranger Things: Hopper's demise 'affirmed' as star drops stressing intimation?
Stranger Things: Hopper’s demise ‘affirmed’ as star drops stressing intimation?

Stranger Things Season 3 focuses on the Russians and their experiments under the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins.

Hopper, Joyce, and Murray also join, dividing the children into two groups, dealing with the Mind Flair and the Russian in their own way.

Eventually, Joyce, Murray, and Hopper will close the lab (and kill the Russians in the process), and Hopper may have plans to “die” behind Joyce and Murray.

How is Hopper’s death a plan?

When Hopper and Joyce replaced Murray (along with Alexei), he called on Dr. Sam Owens to help dismantle Russia’s laboratory.

When he didn’t pick up, he left a message with Murray’s phone number and continued with his plans.

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According to a theory brought by TVLine, Owens and Hopper Eleven and Joyce devised a plan to ensure that Russian operations were shut down without risk and that Faking Hopper had death involvement.

If the Russians believe Hopper is dead, the author adds that Joyce and / or XI will no longer have any reason to prevent him from being discovered or to tell the world what they are doing.

This is why, after Joyce turns the keys, “you miss him in the eyelid”, where he has to live and his body (or his remains) has never been found.

If Owens calls back and umming that he was able to talk to Hopper unconsciously, everyone knows how to get out of the lab when everything goes wrong, so they don’t even know how to get to the lab.

The only thing that supports the theory is that Hopper is Gregory’s main target (also known as “Russian Terminator” in fans), so it makes sense that he has some secret with someone like Owens.

Backup plans can be made. We don’t know exactly what the plan was and how he survived the explosion, but strange things and more complicated things happened to strangers, and almost anything can happen at this point.


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