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At first, it’s exciting to be a programmer. The downsides of the job, such as deadlines, bug reporting, and being yelled to by your manager, start to wear you down after a few more weeks, and in such situations you act like a student, thinking about how to cheat on online proctored exams.

It’s not all lost.

The good news? Everyone makes mistakes. Your mistakes are all the result of others making them. Other programmers were able to take these difficulties in stride and find solutions. In the end, they did better.

So can you.

Let’s discuss some of the most frequent problems programmers have to deal with in order to see how we can help ourselves.

1 – Keeping up with Technology

The Problem

Programmers must stay on top of technology as it grows and expands. Frameworks and tools become obsolete quickly. Front-end frameworks can last up to a year before new, improved versions are available.

You can see why updated versions are better. They are more efficient and make your work easier. As a programmer, it is important to quickly get to know them.

Programmers who have worked in programming for years know that there are always iterations and updates. The most successful releases are usually updated up to four times per month. It is possible to become irritable as a novice programmer.

The Fix

There are two quick fixes:

* Take the time to learn new technologies: There are only so many hours to complete tasks. You can still learn new tools in 20-30 minutes. To illustrate, if you believe you would be more productive with an updated version your project management software, then you can take the time to learn it and use it to improve you workflow once you get used to it.

Keep up to date with the latest trends. Reading might not be high on your priority list when you have deadlines at work. It will be a great help to keep up with the latest programming trends. By learning new programming practices and tools, you can create better code and develop innovative products.

Accessible resources like Codecademy, Stack Overflow can help make learning easier. Use lunch time to ask other experienced programmers about the latest technologies. These conversations will keep the team informed and help them make better use their time.

2 – Time Estimation

The Problem

Perhaps you weren’t sure how to make an accurate estimate. You might have given an estimate, but failed to follow through. The project went ahead even though you couldn’t keep up with your teammates.

A professional who works in an industry controlled by deadlines might be required to estimate how long it would take to complete tasks such as debugging code, or completing specific features in a sprint.

Software development involves estimates. They can serve as a basis to price quotes and project plans. Delays on schedules can cause problems, and could compromise trust.

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New programmers might be tempted, in the hope of impressing your boss and getting the job done, to give more time than they need. It can come back to you. This can lead to you falling behind your team and putting you in a bad light.

The Fix

Here’s how you can solve this problem

* Break down tasks. The best way for tasks to be more manageable is to break them into smaller tasks. Did QA just discover a dozen problems in your work? You can view each fix as an individual task and estimate the time required to complete each. By breaking down your work load this way, you can avoid overwhelming yourself.

Time yourself well: Give each task time limits, but keep a buffer. A task that normally takes 20 minutes would be 30 minutes. You can create a buffer to allow for this by keeping the timeframe at 30 minutes. You never know what disruptions might arise.

3 – Security Risks

The Problem

Data is an extremely valuable commodity. There are many people who will pay a lot, including the competitors of your client looking to gain access to a top secret project (such as enterprise software or marketing) that you might be involved in.

Your clients trust you to keep them safe from these threats. That’s a lot. It’s common for beginners to overlook security loopholes and not realize the repercussions of security breaches until they happen.

New programmers might overlook security loopholes. This is especially true if their focus is on error-free programming rather than checking that it is secure. Hackers know about this weakness and will try to find ways to get into your code.

The Fix

It is impossible to stop someone trying to hack your code. However, they can make it harder by securing your code against common hacking methods. Here’s how to do it.

Parameterized queries are recommended for SQL injections. An attacker may use SQL injections to steal user login details. Parameterized query in your programming language will prevent this type attack.

* Keep your workstation safe: Attackers can’t always be found online. However, they may also be in your workplace. An ex-employee might try to get back at you, using your computer to steal or modify project data. This prevents you from being attacked by hackers.

4 – Working with Another Person’s Code

The Problem

New employees must work on projects created earlier by others. Programming, for example, might require you to use code created by another developer. This situation can be problematic.

The programmer who wrote the code may no longer be employed there and might not have informed anyone about their work before they left. If they’re still at work, they may be too busy to answer questions.

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There might also be office politics in the worst-case. One example is that you might have problems getting along with your coworkers and be reluctant to help figure out their code.

The Fix

While it can be difficult to code with another programmer, this is a solution. You can approach it by viewing it as an opportunity. Here’s how to get started:

* Reassume that this is your problem now. Changing your attitude towards it will help. If someone has given you the code, it’s yours. It’s yours now. It’s easier to take on the responsibility for the task when you start it.

* Spend more reading code. Take the time to understand how other developers work, their style and approach. This will make it easier for you to adapt to the code.

5 – Do not plan your code

The Problem

No doubt first impressions count. But planning well is just as important.

It’s a job you are new to and you want it to be a success. However, it’s easy to rush to write your code and forget to figure out what direction it should be going.

But, this can backfire. Even though your code makes sense to you, it may take you in a totally opposite direction from where it is supposed to.

The Fix

Unplanned code is time wastage. This is why it’s important to write down your ideas, rather than jotting them down. Here are some tips to help you get started:

* Start by having an idea. Every software program starts from an idea. One example is a tool that allows users to keep track of appointments. This allows you to put your focus on the task at hand.

* Use a Mind Map to identify user problems. Your product should address the following problems. Make sure you write your idea down and make subtopics. You might want to write a subtopic about why someone may need an appointment reminder app.

* Find solutions. If a user requires your product to track multiple assignments, then a notification system and an email alert could be options. This would remind them of any appointments that they have throughout the day.

It’s OK for a New Person to Exist

Even if you are just beginning your career as a programmer it can seem overwhelming to think about everything, from how to code to communicate to colleagues.

However, there are a reasonable explanations for your feelings. Your challenges are not unsurmountable. Keep these tips in your mind and know that you are not alone. Your colleagues have had to face similar problems. If you need to prepare an essay on this topic and not only, or prepare for exams, you can go to the best homework help websites.


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