Superman: Red Son Trailer Features the Iconic DC Comics Story


One of the classic stories of the DC universe is all set to get itself an animated feature film, Superman: Red Son. The movie, despite creating great anticipation amongst DC fans hasn’t announced the release date yet. But before that has come it’s trailer crashing on the Internet. Superman: Red Son, the upcoming DC movie is based on the story famously known as Elseworlds by Dave Johnson, Killian Plunkett, and Mark Millar.

The film looks into a probable future of the fictional character, baby Kal-El which if instead of being the current state of the USA would have been the Soviet Union. Lucius Malfoy, the very well known negative character from the Harry Potter Series, played by Jason Issacs, has given voice to Superman in the film. The movie was first announced at the San Diego Comic-Con screening of Batman: Hush. Along with Issacs, it features the voices of Roger Craig Smith for Batman, Amy Acker for Lois Lane, Vanessa Marshall for Wonder Woman, and many more.

Superman: Red Son Trailer Features the Iconic DC Comics Story
Superman: Red Son Trailer Features the Iconic DC Comics Story

With no official release date announced yet, Superman: Red Son is expected to be available on the digital platforms and Blu-Ray by early 2020. 

Superman is mostly found fighting for Justice and Truth but not this time. The movie comes from the thought “what if” the ‘So American’ Superman instead of crashing with his Kryptonian rocket to America had landed on Soviet Ukraine.

The scenario becomes entirely different, for instead of being the Nationalist of America, Superman turns Communist and you get to hear the Russian accent in his dialogues as well. And the interesting part is, it is just not our Man of Steel but all other DC superheroes who change. Like for example, Batman is not in a war but a lonely angry rebel fighting the state. While Lex Luthor is heading America’s Cold War operations, Wonder Woman is an ambassador of Themyscira sent to Russia.

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The trailer of the movie Superman: Red Son looks like a master adaptation of the DC comic of the same name. Fans of DC comics who have already read it may be able to make a clear link between the two but can also expect elaboration of the story in the movie.



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