Teenage boy goes blind after existing on Pringles, white bread and French fries


A teenage boy has become blind after living on a diet exclusively consisting of Pringles, fries, plain white bread, and sometimes even processed meat.

The boy from Bristol, England, mentioned in the Annals of Internal Medicine, first started experiencing health problems at 14 years old.

He began to experience problems with his hearing, for which he and his family immediately sought medical attention. Poor vitamin intake due to his diet was immediately recognized as the issue.


“His diet was essentially a portion of chips from the local fish and chip shop every day,” Dr. Denize Atan, who attended to him at Bristol Eye Hospital, told BBC News. “He used to nibble on crisps, Pringles and furthermore once in a while cuts of white bread and infrequent cuts of ham, and not so much any foods grown from the ground.”

He was found with a vitamin B12 deficiency. The vitamin, found largely in fish, meat, dairy, and eggs, is extremely important for the functioning of the brain as well as forming red blood cells, new DNA, proteins, hormones, and fats. If left unattended, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to optic neuropathy, progressive, painless vision loss often alongside reduced color vision, as well as other difficult conditions.

The boy noted as a “fussy eater” by doctors but otherwise well, was provided supplements and advice on how to alter his diet for better health

Against medical advice, he stopped the intake of his supplements. Three years later, he returned to the doctor, this time with the complaint of loss of vision.

“He had blind spots right in the center of his vision,” told Atan. “That implies he can’t drive and would discover it extremely hard to peruse, sit in front of the TV or observe faces,” who included that the kid can be arranged lawfully as visually impaired at this point.

“[His starting doctors] said it was all in his mind. When they understood what wasn’t right it was past the point where it is possible to spare his sight,” his mom referenced to the specialists at the eye clinic.

“The entire experience has been extremely awful. I need to shout about what we have experienced,” she said.


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