Ten Areas in Beijing Under Lockdown After New COVID-19 Outbreak

Ten Areas in Beijing Under Lockdown After New COVID-19 Outbreak

China has proven to be one of the few countries that successfully established lockdown and recovered from coronavirus. They have had a high recovery of patients and less contamination as days passed. But from the last few days, Beijing has seen clusters of cases near a wholesale food market. The authority has already taken action to reestablish lockdown for this reason.

Tests were done on a number of possibly affected people and new cases emerged. Nationwide reports recorded 49 new cases, while 36 were from the Beijing market itself.

People around the market named Xinfadi are facing a terrible amount of fear for this new contamination streak. The government has already shut the schools which was quite near to this area. The neighborhood of 10 housing complexes has been asked to remain in quarantine for the next two weeks.

At a press conference a city official said that the Haidian district, that locates in the northwestern side of Beijing has seen new cases as well. These come from the Yuquandong wholesale market where the virus has been traced. However, it is difficult to get the actual numbers. Thus, new lockdown rules have to be levied.

Mass testings and surveys being done

The government has asked many states  warning them to put restrain on traveling to Bejing. Mass testing has been started in Xinfadi food market and nearby areas and on people who have visited this infected area in recent times.

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Testing has been organized by the authority with all safety measures at a nearby stadium. Frontline workers are wearing hazmat suits and following security protocols to carry out the tests. Constant surveillance is being done on those people who had recently connected to this area. They are being questioned about the activity and symptoms if any.

One of the most dangerous things is that the new outbreak is affecting Beijing’s food chain. So, at least 1 housing management took the initiative to ask their tenants to communicate with their staff if any contact has been made with the people from the infected areas.

Fear of new outbreak in Beijing

Students who are coming back to the capital from different parts of the world are scared about the new outbreak. They are at risk to return back to their home immediately.

As per reports, a 19-year-old student named Shao came back from home to this capital for studies after the successful elimination of fear getting infected. However, he is now planning to go back home due to this new outbreak.

The figures reach 177 nationwide as for affected patients by COVID-19 in total. Among them two patients are in very serious conditions.

China’s contamination figure emerged highest since numbers shown in May. Moreover, as overseas nationals are returning home, 10 new cases have been reported among them.


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