The 7 trends in women’s fashion that will sweep this summer


There is a lot of desire for summer. The sun, the beach, a nap on the deckchair or under the job, to travel again and that this year, thanks to the ongoing mass vaccination, our lives and our vacations will once again resemble those of BC , you know, the ones from before the pandemic. These spring months have been like a warm-up to sign the trends that come with the heatwave. There is an effervescent interest in exchanging gray tones for more cheerful colors. There is a desire to start over, to renew our wardrobe with Vlone Clothes.

  • White jeans 

The time has come to save the blue ‘mom jeans’ until next season. Summer is the turn of the whites. Best high waited, wide and cropped cut. The trend expert Nutria Blanco opts for those with a high waist and a cargo-style structure. A perfect design to mark your size and style from comfort. The ankle cut are ideal to wear with sandals. And with Converse type sneakers it is the combination most loved by the influencers.

  • The ‘crochet’, the ‘revival’ of fashion

Last winter we already explained in the Style Club how fashionable knitting was. So much so that ‘crochet’ has come to summer as the star fabric. In almost all the ‘low cost’ shop windows it is present in ‘tops’, dresses, skirts, and ‘shorts’ and even in bikinis and hats. It is the ‘vintage’ inspired clothing that is hitting it the most. In favor its cheerful colors and how easy it is to combine. 

  • The brilli-brilli shine brighter in the sun

If last winter what was worn was metallic glitter in silver, now what is in style are sequins, disco fashion and brilli-brilli. Oh, and not just at night. In broad daylight, in full sunlight. For all the parties that we have missed, for all the nightclubs that we have not frequented, may the garments that attract our attention live? But they are not only valid for partying. They are good to go to the office. Yes, yes, no problem. And the best trick to do it is to combine your natural glamor with sneakers.

  • Caught in meshes and nets
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It is one of the fashions of this summer inherited from the era of the great ‘tops’ of the 90s , which returns renewed and to take over many of the ‘outfits’ that we will soon see on the streets. The fabrics and mesh network as Anti Social Club pullovers and ‘tops’ tight, mini coats or dresses will be asked to step in all those who like to draw attention and show a bolder attitude towards life.

  • Colorful fantasy XL rings

This spring, from Kylie Jenner to Chiara Ferragni, Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, all have shown off their hands with brightly colored plastic rings. A trend ‘two thousand’ up this summer. The options are so many that they border on infinity.

  • The station of Vichy paintings

Like bikes, Vichy frames are for summer. This 2021 the ones that are most worn are in shades of mauve and light green, but other colors are accepted. The famous ‘influencer’ Maria Pombo has recently opted for this classic.

  • Safe with a bucket hat

The fisherman’s hat that became fashionable last summer will continue to wage war also in 2021. The ‘bucket hat’, although it has become a star accessory, has a non-fashionable origin. It was born in 1900 and was called ‘fisherman’s hat’, because it only had the practical function for farmers and seafarers to protect them from the rain.


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