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5 Grammar Mistakes and their solution

Mistakes while writing English is one of the commonest types. It is seen that even an experienced writer having 10-15 years of exp3erience in writing are committing silly mistakes. Since the writer has to go through the pre-publish checklist the article written by him might have been published with several grammar errors.

Self-trial is considered as one of the best methods to overcome the situation. Under this method, the writer is advised to read the article written by him aloud before submission of the write-ups. Aloud scripting help in finding mistakes Readability score can be increased too by using this method.

The evolvement of the newest technology has made the job easier. With the arrival of different online grammar tool, a writer can figure the mistakes in the form of wrong sentence or words, punctuation, etc.


Common Mistakes

Subject-Verb Agreement errors: The subject of a sentence and the verbs used in it must stay in agreement with one and the other. IF the subject is in the singular, the verbs must be used in singular form only. Even a seasoned make mistakes in placing sentences with such an agreement. Therefore, every article writer is advised to put the article for Grammarly trial.

  • Missing comma after the introductory element: An introductory word or phrase in a sentence. Writers make mistakes in placing the comma especially when they write longer sentences narrating something. The use of the Grammarly software will enable them to recover from the illusory zone. 
  • Use of Commas in compound sentences: Use of a comma is mandatory to make two independent clauses in a compound sentence separated. Some writers always write:  “She was beautiful and she was happy and she was full of life.” But the correct form would require placement of a comma in between independent clauses like “She was beautiful” and “She was happy.” The use of Grammarly checker online helps such writers to surpass such mistakes.
  • Wrong position of the apostrophe:  Forget about writers: how many of so-called English Professors or lecturers can use apostrophe properly in a sentence? How many of us are aware that It’s and Its’ bear distinctive senses?  How many of us are conversant of the fact that “its” bear an independent meaning? The use of has made us a bit smart in these factors. 
  • Confusing reference of pronouns: While writing English, one should be concerned about using pronouns. Wrong placement would make the reader in bewilderment about the person the pronoun is directing. 
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We can make ourselves more smart and perfect about speaking and writing of English with online help. Use of the sites can make us confident about the use of articles, pronouns, sentence fragmentation, comma splicing, split initiatives and mistakes of the wrong colon using. 


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